No comparison of email marketing with other source of media

Nowadays email marketing is considered as the best marketing methods. People have found it really beneficial as this method is more efficient in bringing results as compared to other marketing methods. Email marketing is successful because of cost factor and it is the ideal marketing solution for those organizations that do not have too much budget.

Moreover, email marketing is the best technique to reach your target audience, however with other source of marketing it is bit difficult to reach your target audience.  Shooting email marketing campaign is inexpensive because as such no resources are required like printing, posting or extra manpower, even you don’t require extra cost to promote your business globally while other marketing sources are very costly, and it would require huge cost if you want to promote across the world.

If you want to promote via print media, then you can imagine how much you have to spend on printing, posting and advertising, cost of manpower as well and last, but not the least, the most precious thing that is time it will also be wasted and if you want to get your advertisement print globally, then your costs and time both will be quadrupled.

email marketing tools

However, such kinds of costs are not associated with email campaigns as it will not require anything extra to send the email to thousands of people in your database whether they are global or local moreover, speed will be overwhelming. With the help of one single click it would reach at every corner of the world within seconds, but email marketing is not possible without the use of email servers because free servers like yahoo, Gmail, rediff, hotmail have certain restrictions so you have to purchase paid servers for that. You can get these email servers online, so you did not need to wander here and there.

Additionally, the resources required in sending email campaign are also negligible. The major requirement will be content and alluring images, videos so as to attract the reader somehow, and good thing is that you not need to impress that much to your existing customer means those who have already taken your product or services and are already impressed with your brand. With the help of email you can have direct contact with your clients as well as with your prospective customer.

Other advantage is you will not require an extra team for email marketing.  Even one single person can be allotted the task of running the campaign. While promoting with the help of email marketing you can come to know about your shortcomings and suggestions on how you can provide the customized service to your clients, since email marketing is the only media in which you can directly interact with your clients while with other source of media interaction is not possible. You can customize your emails according to customer however, with other media you can customize once only that too before publishing or telecasting and for every client or customer it is not possible.


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