5 reasons why you need email software to send free bulk emails

Mass email marketing has become very well-known among businesses, whether it is big or small, across the world. In comparison with some of the different means of marketing such as promotion through television, newspapers, radio, leaflets and flyers, e-mail marketing is more successful and a lot economical. With email marketing you can aim people around the world. On the negative side, the email marketing aspect has given rise to bulk email sending that is unsolicited, and also known as spamming. Spammers collect email addresses from the internet or buy them from different companies and send free bulk emails about all types of products to these addresses. Thus, to not being caught as spammers and for sending unlimited messages email software is the best option.

Here are some reasons on need of email software for sending free bulk emails:

Send free bulk emails1. You can use email software, if you want to send a newsletter or tell many people about an occasion happening in your organization. Please do not misinterpret bulk e-mail for spam because you can get hundreds of conditions where bulk e-mail is suitable.

2. Spam is always undesirable, and always not related to interest of receivers. Spam is all about any ads at random sent to people. As divergent to that, mass e-mails can be sent to people who want to get it. People opt-in for bulk e-mail, and they look ahead to accept your messages that are of their significance.

3. Another reason for using mass email marketing software is tracking abilities. If you are willing about e-mail marketing then without having software you are not eligible to track your email campaigns. If you do not know how your subscribers like or dislike your message, you would not be able to send them what they need or generate any profit from your list.

4. If you want to send free bulk emails, you have to take the full benefit of mass email marketing software which can automate message delivery, opt-in and opt-out; bad address removal and can even customize your messages.

5. Your normal e-mail program is not suitable for sending unlimited e-mails because if you use it as an alternative, you have to manually tell your address book by addition of new users, removing those who want to opt-out and removing those people with bad e-mail addresses. You would not be able to hold it by hand if your mailing list increases to thousands of customers with hundreds coming in and going out every day. You can simply think that it is unachievable.

Conversely, you would not even have to touch anything if you use email marketing software. And, each time there are new changes in your email list, it will be routinely reorganized so all you need to do is to create and send your emails.

Remember to continue to refine your approach and learn from your experiences and your customers. Thus, you can create a successful e-mail marketing program that keeps your clients and prospects coming back to you all over again.


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