Best Practices for Enhancing the Open Rate

Email is the best way to communicate with large group of audience, so it is necessary to plan your email campaigns to get the best results. There are ample of rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed while promoting via mass email marketing as they will be helpful in generating the leads and boosting your business brand.  Following are the some best practices that can increase your open rate.

Best Practices for email

Always Put Your Company Logo in the Upper Left Side of the Email

Various research studies have found that people always look for the logo for the brand as it help them in relying your business. If you have not practiced this thing yet then try it in your new campaign and then see the results.

Always test

Prior shooting an email campaign, always test beforehand so as to know the service, quality and the email content is clear or not.

Fascinating Subject Lines

Subject lines play a mandatory role in mass email marketing as it compels the recipients to open the email. If you want to generate new leads then write such lines that immediately grab the attention of reader and prompt them to open it as soon as they see your email. Your subject line should be honest, alluring, clever and smart as well. Smart subject lines enhance the open rate.

Many researchers have shown that if you are including an incentive part in your subject lines then it will increase your open rates by 50%. However, always keep in mind that never deceit recipients to open your emails by overstating any offer. So always be honest otherwise your wording might put your email in spam or trash.

Strongly Focus On the Body of Message

In order to build the reputation in front of people or subscribers, you have to be very short and sweet and interactive as well, as time is very precious for everyone and nobody have time and patience to read your lengthy emails. You should try to focus on main message but in smart manner and very important don’t forget to put on call-to-action as it will fulfill the goal of your promotional email. Like they can purchase your product or services or they can subscribe to your email list or sign up your email newsletter or visit your landing page.

Design of Your Email

Many recipients or subscribers make a judgment on the design or the look of the email. A design that is boring will be distracting the attention of the recipient’s even if your content is worth reading then too readers will not be paying attention on your message. Attractive images and email designs generate more response so always try to create your email attractive and professional.


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