Best Tips for Building Email List

For direct email marketing following are the best strategies for email list that will help in building the effective email list.

Landing Pages

While promoting your website through the advertisement and if someone visited your website and landed at landing page through Google, Yahoo or Bing, although the landing page can be your main page so it should be so enticing that prompt the visitors to subscribe your newsletter hence it should have signup or opt-in list button as it will help in your email campaign. Even what email marketers can do is they can redirect the searches to particular landing pages having sign-up forms. Moreover it should have incentives so as to increase the sign ups as well as general information about company not only to attract the visitor, but also keep him content.

mass email marketing


In mass email marketing, Sales promotions will help you a lot as it will help in bringing new leads. Even it will also help in conversion of leads into customers as well. Now you might be thinking about what kind of promotions you should run so as to drive prospective customers? Your discount coupons should always be more than 10%, anything less than 10%, is deceitful. Best strategy is you can offer the large discount on signing up for your emails. It will motivate them to attract toward your website. Hence it will help you in effective list building.

Moreover, you can offer something more than a discount in order to entice them and to build your email list or you can promote via something unique video, or some different features or some knowledgeable information.

Online Sign-Up or Opt-In Forms

Another best way of list building is that ensure that your sign-up form should be simple and fast to fill-out and it should not take more than a minute to fill out the form and every page of your website whether it is a landing page or blog page or pop-up window it should have link towards sign up form page or opt-in option. Does not focus on collecting additional information on first sign-up, it should be your secondary step. First try to obtain the basic information of the visitors and then try to entice them in such a way that they can give you some additional information as well.

Initially ask for name, email address, and clearly state them that you will not share to third parties and will keep it as confidential. If in initial phase you are asking for extra information like mobile number or address then it turns them off as these are considered as unnecessary information from the subscriber point of view.


You should mention in every email that is shoot out in every campaign that your existing customers should send to their acquaintances. Nowadays social media also helps in getting data. You can tell your subscribers that they can get an incentive on forwarding to their references. Many companies use this strategy in building an email list and they get successful by using this method.


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