Reasons to Avoid Spam

mass email marketingEmail marketing is most common nowadays because it is the most fastest and reasonable, but few people or some internet users just to take undue advantage start sending unsolicited emails that are called spam, hence it should be avoided because  of spamming there is huge effect on image and brand of business thus it should be avoided. Here are the following reasons that will help the business to know why they should spam.

  • It is considered immoral to send spam because almost advertising process has to pay the cost of distribution of message that is known as freight whether it is television, radio, newspaper, magazines, direct email, online advertising. However spammers enjoy it at free of cost. So when you are spamming you are stealing resources.
  • It will harm the reputation of your company because if you are sending your email as spam then the recipients get start irritated. Thus recipient will even hate your name despite your services are good. Hence it will harm the reputation of your company.
  • It can lead to the failure of internet services because internet Service Provider is also against the policies of spamming so in case your ISP found that you are spamming then they will ban the internet connection and will remove your web site as well.
  • It can be legal problem for your business as spamming activity steals someone else’s resources, thus internet service provider or ISPs can put legal case against spammers for violence of their networks. Nowadays including United States and many other countries have implemented the anti-spam laws that result in major verdicts or judgments against the spammers.
  • Some business people have pretty thick skins and they don’t have any impact of rare insult. However, few businesses have fear of embarrassment as it will directly hamper their reputation.
  • Technological can take revenge if still you are spamming despite warnings then the technology can shut down your server, can even remove your web site and can block your ISP. Probably they can destruct your phone service, fax and toll free number.
  • Many companies which are offering mass email service are unreliable, because they take your money and assure to promote your business via email and they also don’t give any confirmation that their advertisement was sent or not and whenever you contact the company to know about the reports then you will listen the most common message that they are no longer in service.
  • Email marketers those who are following fair email policy for mass email marketing is successful in this competitive world. Email is the best way to reach large crowd within any corner of the world.

These above points are very important so follow these in order to avoid spam.


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