Factors Affecting Email Deliverability

email server providerIf you are promoting your business through email marketing, then deliverability is the key issue. Deliverability is the first step of email marketing because if emails are not delivered then there is no use of advertising. So apart from technical problems like blocking or filtering there are few other issues that can tremendously affect deliverability. These problems are generally done at the senders end and they can also be controlled by sender. Thus sender should check many times before sending the emails so as to get high deliverability. This article will help you in focusing those issues.

Whenever you are sending mails through mass email service so firstly try not to send emails in HTML, although there is nothing wrong to send the mail in the HTML format. But a small mistake can put you in problem especially during filtering and in case if you have put incorrect HTML code then surely it will trouble your mail while filtering. HTML emails are usually obstructed by spam filters because of these reasons.

First reason to avoid text in HTML code is that it contains dead links, secondly it include few scripts that is considered as harmful in eyes of Internet service provider or ISP. Third reason is lack of plain text and also not every user understands this language so your efforts will go in vain if the reader doesn’t get what you wrote. They also have dead links moreover they are wrongly formatted as well. You will be missing alt text instead of graphics. Hence in order to avoid your mail from filtering due to incorrect or wrong HTML code, better use HTML tool and always check your message prior sending in this tool.

Second most important thing is header or heading. It is the most important thing in email, heading in your email is like business card. Thus whenever you send an email, your email servers provider gets into discussion with the recipient’s email server. Your company server sends the header message to the server of recipient. Thus if the receiver’s server will not like header of your mail, probably it will not accept your email.

Inaccurate email headers can also cause a great problem and it can directly delete the emails and will accuse malevolent senders. For example, if the “From” email address is “xyz @trial.com” but the email server from which the message is sent is “123abc.com” then server will consider your email header as fake.

Other thing is ISPs also depends on certain factors like that email should be delivered or filtered, and copy of message is also factor that affects deliverability of email. So be careful while using the words as few words spoils the email score and that is not good and higher the score of the message, more it will be considered as spam. Moreover, you can offer some special discounts, offers, and other promotional activities to urge your recipients so that they can act upon your email.

Thus don’t make these minor mistakes as it will hamper your deliverability and all your efforts will be worthless.


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