Tips for Your Next Email Campaign

Tips for Your Next Email CampaignWhile promoting your business through email campaign, your email response rate totally depends on target audience and how good your email campaign was launched and tested. This article will help you in giving best tips for your campaign.

First and foremost thing before creating email campaign is prefer quality list rather than the quantity. Hence always purchase targeted list from renowned vendor and it should be well maintained. Segment your list and then customize it. Sometimes your personal list get lists get old or outdated thus it require maintenance. Don’t forget to remove the addresses that give the high bounce rate. You can also take the follow-up people by call if you feel that their address has been changed. Moreover, your graphic designing should be very attractive

Second thing is gradually build the relation with the subscribers, don’t ask for too much information like address, phone number, profession, etc. only ask for their name and email address if they have subscribed your newsletter.

Third important thing subject line should be very attractive and it should be very short and sweet because it is the subject line that induces the user to open the email.

Fourth important thing is provide them such kind of message that drives them to visit your website and once they like your website, they will automatically visit the other pages of your website. In addition, it will give keyword rich content for your website and will improve the organic page as well.

Fifth important thing is persistently deliver something worth to them and let the people know that you’ve published something and it will be beneficial for them. Moreover, don’t send too many advertisements because they will unsubscribe your mails. Always focus on the benefits of your products and services and don’t give them offer on regular basis not frequently and always try that the recipients can contact you easily.

Sixth important thing is attach your email analytics from web analytics so as to check the effectiveness of email campaign like open rate, click through rate, unsubscribe rate and bounce rate as well. You can easily track how many pages they visited of your website and for how long they were.

Seventh important thing always share your content that you have written on blog on social networking sites like face book, twitter, LinkedIn and also send them an email that you have updated them some content that is worth for them and moreover you can also send the SMS also.

Eighth important thing is don’t forget to put footer in your email listing and include all your important details like your contact no. and email address  and if providing the free demo of your services then mention the link as well and opt-in button so that in single click they can subscribe your mails.

Last but not the least if you are about to launch the new product then you can start sending email blast and giving update to your clients via email so as to make them aware and ask for some suggestion regarding the product.


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