Email marketing Strategies to Reduce Bounce Rate

Mass email marketing is the favorite tool of all business now because it is the best way to reach the customer in minimum time and with minimum cost. It is observed that people feel more comfortable in replying to an email rather than any other form of communication.

Since it is an era of internet marketing so business are focusing more and more on mass email marketing rather than traditional advertising like radio, television, newspaper, etc because it is huge investment and time and which is not possible for small size and medium size firms. Any business no matter how big it is, it will fail if it is not having proper advertising strategy.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Unlike other forms of traditional advertising like TV, radio, newspaper, etc it’s not that much easy to promote thus same is with the case of email marketing as well. Even it requires loads of hard work and expertise and there is lot of competition in this field. Despite your hard work it may happen that your bounce rate may increase that. Thus this article will suggest you the ways to reduce the bounce rate of your email campaign. Following are the ways to reduce the bounce rate.

 First important thing is try to make the list of your recipient smaller because   many SPAM filters block the email and send it to spam whenever mail is send to large group of people. Apart from it send emails to people those who have subscribed it or shown interest in your products/services. Try not to send the email randomly to anyone because it will considered as spam. Sending mail to right people requires lot of good research.

Moreover, your email should contain images as well as content because email without images seems very boring and email only with image and without information doesn’t sound interesting and most important thing is don’t forget to include links in your email otherwise your efforts will be worthless. Recipients usually avoid boring type of emails and before opening an email don’t forget to focus on subject line because it is the only thing that induces the users to open your mail. Additionally useless or bad content also leads to high bounce rate.

In order to prevent the mail from getting mark as spam, don’t forget to include the unsubscribe button so that they can get out of it anytime because if you are not doing it so then they may get irritated and mark you as spam . Hence your brand image will also ruin and since you can’t persuade people by sending unwanted messages.  So better let them go as it will be wastage of your time.

Apart from it ignore enticing subject lines like “get free” or “buy now” because they are surely going to be bounce either by sending your message in junk folder from filters or probably by users, the reason for this is nowadays people have general mentality that such kind of mails are generally deceptive, hence try to use genuine, sensible and interesting subject lines.


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