Make Your Business Better from Email marketing Strategies

Strategies that will help you in making better relationships with your new and old customers via email marketing technique. Thus it will ultimately make your business better by increasing the conversion rate. Hence every business should focus on these strategies whether it is online business or traditional business.

First most important thing is interact with your email subscribers, don’t nosh them with information. Give a chance to interact with you, you can ask them questions or ask for their suggestion or offer them rewards for valuable tips. Moreover, make use of social media like FB, twitter, LinkedIn as much as possible to increase the popularity of your brand name.  By creating contest and offering them prizes will also help you in collecting the database and that will be helpful in your email campaign. Connecting to social media helps the business in getting new as well as retaining the old customers.

bulk email marketing

Get in touch with your ‘dormant’ subscribers because an inactive subscriber doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute you in any way, it’s better to ask them what are their expectations and what kind of services they want  and try to include those  answers or results from inactive recipients into your next strategy. Additionally,   also decide the frequency of your mails like how often you will send them weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. However, if your business is launching the products frequently then you should send them at launch of products only then don’t wait for particular moment.

Apart from it in order to create the image in the reader’s mind at least send one mail every month because at least one mail per month is considered within timeline and it is assumed that your customers will memorize you while making a purchasing decision thus it will also help you in raising the brand awareness.

Weekly email marketing campaigns are successful. Research tells that if all of sudden you increase the frequency of sending the mail then rate of subscribers reduces by over 50% and even reducing frequency from two times per week to one per week also increases unsubscribe rate.

Other important strategy is that since maximum of the people use the internet in their mobile phones thus they also checks their mails in mobile phones so make your website mobile friendly and target mobile phone users rigorously. Additionally, during mass email marketing create email subscription and landing pages that can easily work on mobile phones. Keep measuring the results of your email campaign like open, sent, forward, bounce rate, sales, clicked, unsubscribe as well because it will help you in making your next strategy better.

Make relations with your subscribers as people not only want technology or every time they are greed of offer, prizes, discount no doubt, they matters a lot  but they also want to connect emotionally with you and when you are connected emotionally with them they will surely come back to you. Hence put some customer expectation in your message so that they can find interest in your message and always be curious for your next mail.


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