6 Best Practices for an Effective Email Campaign

Nowadays, email marketing is one of the most used online marketing techniques.  A successful email campaign can be described as the receivers of your e-mail are waiting to get your emails on a regular basis and when they receive your emails, they will go through it and take action on what you said in your emails.

Let’s have a look at some of the best practices for the effectiveness of your campaign below.

create email campaign

1. Refrain from sending e-mails during holidays: Timing of your e-mail is very essential in any advertising campaign. People hardly check their emails during holidays and when they come back there will be a stack of e-mails cluttering their in-box. In a hurry to clean their in-box people usually delete insignificant messages particularly marketing mails. So, always be aware of your e-mail timing.

2. Use clear call to action: The greatest thing with email marketing is instant reply. With a nice offer and a clear call to action, you can anticipate people to reply to your emails. If call to action is not very useful the feedback will be low. Use a clean and justifiable outline. Insert only single call to action link. Do not mystify people with too many links and banner ads.

3. Create an interesting subject line: Subject line is very significant in any marketing campaign, particularly e-mail marketing. It verifies the click through rate for your campaign. What if readers find your subject line dull or boring? What if they experience your subject line like a spam? These are problems you have to resolve. So try to create an effective subject line. With an evident subject line you can anticipate people to read your e-mail messages- mean it will enhance your click through rate.

4. Address your subscriber by his or her name: Addressing your email subscriber by name is very necessary in an email campaign. As auto-responder can personalize your e-mail to add the name of your subscriber in every message you deliver, why not take this chance to address your reader with their name. They will experience as if you are talking to them in a straight line, even though you know that it is all planned in your auto-responder.

5. Use a right blend for content and promotion: If you opt-into an e-mail newsletter that provides you with useful information for free, you would be expecting that the sender will send some free information about the topic you have requested for. The best email campaign always has a right blend of content and promotion. With content, you are making trust with your subscribers and readers so that they are more likely to see your promotions.

6. Always give an alternative to unsubscribe: There is no such marketer who wants any deletion from his mailing list. But as a code of ethical values, as a standard of respecting your subscriber you should give a choice to opt-out or unsubscribe from your promotional e-mails.

Obviously there are many other best practices to create email campaign. Six criteria above are well enough to initiate marketing of your products or services. Just think that your customers are actual people and you want to take care of them. After that, you will work out more on how to communicate with your customers from time to time.


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