5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Lead To Unsubscribe

Communicating your prospects via email is the best way to attract them towards purchasing your products or services. If not done correctly it can seriously spoil your relationship with your customers and ruin the communication part of the relationship.

On the other hand, if done right, mass e-mail marketing is the best way to keep connected with your customers. Regrettably, it is very easy to make mistakes that increase your email unsubscribe rate. Have a look at five common mistakes that take your subscribers away from your list.

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1. Sending limitless e-mails

When it comes to sending bulk emails many businesses bombard their customers and subscribers with far more e-mails than those subscribers anticipated. This can fast lead to subscriber disintegration.

How can you overcome with this problem? The greatest way is to start by offering a space for feedback when somebody unsubscribe from your e-mail list. Moreover, your e-mail open and unsubscribe rates can indicate you in that you have got a problem, but they would not tell you what actually the problem is; you will have to trust on feedback for that.

2. Not considering subscriber choices

If sending bulk emails is one of the best ways to drop subscribers, but not valuing their preferences is one of the greatest ways to make them angry. Key preferences should be conformed to include list assortments, frequency settings and formatting selections.

3. Absence of significance

Always keep in mind that your subscribers are busy people with busy lives. You have to make your place in their in-box with each mail. This means offering high value with each and every e-mail that you deliver.

The problem of a recognized lack of significance can typically be checked back to when the person initially subscribed. You have to work with your audience to set the proper belief. Inform people up front how regularly they should look forward to getting mail from you and what kinds of things you will be delivering to them.

The more customized you can make your e-mails, the more significance to your subscribers. Not customized, as in using their name, though that is also essential, but personalized as in modified to their concern, activities, situation, etc. This is achieved by subdividing your list and then sending personalized mails to every segment of your list.

4. Sending Inconsistent emails

If your e-mails lack constant branding and their resource is not instantly apparent, there is a better chance that some subscribers may not know why they have got an e-mail, guiding to unsubscribe.

5. Using the same content for every recipient

Sending the same e-mail out to entire subscriber list can cause the problem of unsubscribe in large amount. If somebody is going to leave your list without purchasing, they are going to do it in the first few weeks. As a result, you should segment your lists by subscribe date and send the most insistent call-to-action to the new subscribers.

Therefore, a correctly managed e-mail subscription list is a very valuable asset to almost every business. A properly managed list can be used to produce sales and referrals as well as to grow a loyal following among your customers. Avoid these five common mistakes and you will be well on your way.

Author is professional content writer and internet marketing specialist. Generally writes articles on email techniques such as bulk emails & free email marketing.


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