Few More Things to Improve Your Email Campaign

If you want to augment the performance of your email campaign then apart from setting up sender reputations you have to do few more things as and they are as follows.email marketing tips

First of all during every email campaign you should not forget to check the IP address of your mail server’s as they might be blacklisted. Moreover, you can also take reference from MX look up to check that it is blacklisted or not and you can also ask to remove from blacklist although there is nothing wrong by mailing to those sites.

 Second most important thing is always send your first welcome mail in plain text format, do not send in HTML and you can send your newsletter in html format once the recipient white list you. Moreover, there are some servers like yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail they do not exhibit images in a HTML email until the user or recipient loads them.

Third important thing is avoid changing your server’s IP address without any apparent reason for it because few ISPs are more vigilant to new IP addresses and confine the emails from a new IP address.

Fourth thing is, in order to guarantee the email delivery, signup for email deliverability services as these services guarantee the email delivery to the recipient. Whenever you sign up, your server’s IP address is incorporated into their database eventually those ISPs test those databases, and if they get your IP your email is delivered.

Fifth thing is don’t change your email address until it’s urgent because recipients have already added your email address to their lists and if you are sending email from a new email address then recipients may delete it or  put it into spam by hitting the report spam button. However, in case if you are changing due to some circumstances then it’s recommended to inform the recipient prior changing the address thus they will revise in their records and next time whenever you will send mail at least they will not avoid it.

Usually large ISPs contain the procedure that helps facilitates in delivery of email messages to the recipient’s inbox. The shocking thing is that the ISP may blacklist you if you are using a shared mail server. In fact the host server may come into problem if the shared accounts are in use. Thus it is recommended that email marketers should use a dedicated mail server to send the mail moreover, the best thing is pursue the ISP white listing procedure. However you have to also keep in mind about the number of emails sent at particular time because ISPs allow only a definite number of messages per hour. Nowadays it is not possible to send thousands of messages continuously, in past it was possible.

At last it is concluded that nowadays the sender’s reputation depends on many things. Although it is simple and easy to trick anti-spam filters by using some deceptive techniques but it’s pretty much difficult to build your reputation again. Always keep in mind that your email sender’s reputation set up the success of your mailings hence your first concern is to create a good image or reputation of yourself for mass email marketing.


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