Spam Checker – Check Emails before Hitting Send

spam-chackerThe most general problem that online marketers or advertisers face with e-mail marketing is the threat that your e-mails will get caught-up by the dreadful spam filters. There will be instances when your email may not get sent because there are constituents of your marketing campaign that internet service provider think are unsolicited or spam. This may not be due to your data, but a specific word you used in your subject line or a bad link in your content.

If you have never been acquainted with this before, then you are surely in for some enlightenment. A spam checker is a tool that helps in scanning your content, even if it is your newsletter, sales message, or any other written word, and it will provide you with a score. A low score denotes that your e-mails are drafted and designed in a way that is not taken as spam. Though, if you get a high score you can be sure enough that your e-mails will get blocked and not at all delivered.

The advantage of getting the time to spam check your subject line and content is that it will allow you to make any changes that are essential to reduce the unwanted words from your content and subject line. Generally, spam checker is continuously updated with what internet service provider considers a threat.

Actually it reads and scans your e-mail message just as a spam filter does.  It will assess your message for likely spam infringements and then send back a reply to your e-mail id.  A score based on the possible spam breaches with a description of every unsolicited infraction will be allocated to your e-mail. This tool categorizes your e-mail into four categories such as secure, doubtful, high risk, and spam.

There are many different spam checker tools available on the web you can use to help you decide how much unsolicited words are there in your newsletter or other promotional e-mail. The significant thing is to search a tool like this is resourceful and that will do an excellent job. There are some tools also available that may be free, but they do not do a good job evaluating your content. Ensure you use the best tool to make sure your emails will go to the targeted recipients’ in-box. This is value of the time, work, and money because your sales will get enhanced and your clients carry on doing business with you.

Overall, these tools help you in checking whether your IP is added in the blacklisted servers or not. Being caught in a blacklist will ruin your business because your customers will not get the email you have sent them. To solve this issue there are different white listing techniques available to get your internet protocol address and e-mails out of spam filters. In advance you can also go through some safety alternatives on different blogs. Thus, when you are ready to begin your email marketing campaign you can easily keep away from being caught with spam filters.


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