Email marketing service and essential tools offered by it

Along with different online marketing techniques that are being used by website owners to promote their website, the e-mail is possibly one of the oldest ones. In fact, email marketing service is one of the best and the only direct online marketing strategy that is being used by businesses across the world. After all, there has always been a continuous threat to the marketing strategy of being caught as spam and useless; but the distinctive marketing service has always fought back powerfully.

email campaign

Nowadays organizations are also marketing through online means. Their target is just to get recognized and they think that sales would follow. These businesses are using email campaign for the same reasons and for that they are employing different e-mail services in their marketing mix. Whether your business is big, small or medium, you can use it without difficulty for brand awareness.

Selecting a service can be intimidating, particularly when you have no thought what to look for, or what to consider? Here are some of the usual services your email service provider should be offering:

1. Tools for managing your e-mail list

With the aim of sending out your newsletters you are required to collect subscribers. Nearly all ESPs can help you in making a subscription form and adding it to your website, blog and social network. You must also be able to set up a double opt-in method. These subscriptions should repeatedly be added to your e-mailing list. Some ESPs will even provide you with the option of fetching contact lists from other programs as well.

2. HTML email newsletter creation tools

Definitely, the most exhilarating part of your email campaign is building your e-mail newsletter. Preferably, your email marketing service provider should furnish for all levels of designing skills. The majority ESPs offer free e-mail templates that you can simply edit and use for your mailings. If you have an idea of what you want your newsletter to appear, but you are not a knowledgeable designer, search for an e-mail marketing platform that provides a user-friendly template designer. That way, you must be capable to simply develop a newsletter that reveals your business brand.

3. E-mail delivery tools

Any effective email marketing service should provide you with the tools to ensure a secure, dependable and higher delivery rate. Therefore, check the deliverability features of your service provider. Will they permit you to do test sends or give you access to checking tools? Will you be capable to preview what your e-mail will appear like in different in-boxes? Ensure that your ESP provides you with a spam checker, permitting you to test whether your email contains anything that may activate a spam filter. Your ESP must possess good relationships with main internet service providers and that way your email is less probable to be caught in spam trap.

4.  Tracking tools to check your campaign

It is normal for e-mail marketing companies to offer you tools to check and supervise your campaigns. Search for the best service provider that will offer you inclusive reports and statistics on all your email delivery, permitting you to distinguish how many of your email were sent, how many were opened by users, etc. It is also essential that you are able to notice why delivery to a specific subscriber failed – whether their in-box was filled, your e-mail was caught in a spam trap, or if the email id was wrong.

Thus, making use of an e-mail service is the newest strategy used by the organizations to ensure a successful customer relationship. There is no other marketing method in which businesses spends less to get greater ROI than email solution.


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