5 Awesome Email Marketing Strategies To Retain Customers


Almost every business person email marketing serverunderstands that it costs far more to gain a new customer than it does to sustain a present one. However, with all the effort and cost that goes into bringing new customers, you must make sure that your business has methods and strategies in place to retain them.

Customer retention and attractive emails will have various similar practices to other email campaign. Here, the significant thing is how to retain the customers you have already acquired to carry on buying your products and services through your website and you can only attain this when you send the accurate content to the right audience.

1. Run encouragement program
Since always new customers come on board, it is great to bring them to your advocacy or encouragement program. These programs hopefully will include some great rewards, provide your brand with more exposure to new customers, and give your customers a valid reason for contributing to your marketing campaigns.

With new customers, send an email welcoming them to your advocacy program, elucidate how it works, and give some reward points just for signing up and being a valued client. Also, your advocacy program should have some ending dates with idleness so you can keep your brand or service at top of mind for your valued customers.

2. Send thank you gift or discount code
After a customer’s first buy, give them either a thank you gift or a discount coupon code that can be used with their next purchase. Since every business differs, it is tough to say just what kind of discount coupon to offer.

It actually relies on what your business can offer to your customer. Keep in mind that these marketing offers and thank you emails should be personalized for your customer. So, be sure to take into account the cost and lifetime returns for every customer before sending this kind of email.

3. Deliver responsive reminder email
A friendly or responsive reminder email should be sent when there is a big marketing event going on in the client’s geographic location. This kind of email produces demand and faith between you and your customers, permitting them to take action if necessary.

4. Offer your customers a holiday gift
To retain your customers you should send out generous holiday baskets and greetings which make clients really happy. So, as a blissful medium to ensure your customers will remember that you have just sent an e-mail with a holiday gift inside. Many sellers now have e-gift or greeting cards that can be sent via e-mail to your most precious customers.

5. Send out market survey and contest
 Sending out a market survey or contest to your customers is always helpful to get insight into their use-cases, top product demands, and more. But, always remember that with the majority surveys, the longer they are the fewer results are obtained. So, a simple survey email campaign can bring more responses with an incredible conversion. This will not only attract customers to your brand, but also bring more sales. So as to make sure your customer goes through the email, add the contest prize in your email subject line.

 At last, these useful customer retention strategies will help you in monitoring your results and modify your email campaign to provide your business with the most favorable outcome for customer retention and lead creation via email advertising.


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