Email Advertising or Direct Mail Marketing- Which One Is Better?

Email advertisingIf you are starting a new small or a large business refining your marketing mix, a general question comes before you: Email Advertising or Direct Mail Marketing? Perhaps you have used one continuously throughout the years, but still looking for a path to get in touch with more people. Maybe you have only funds for e-mail or direct marketing – which one will you select.

When it comes to endorsing your business, there are different options you can benefit from such as making use of opt-in e-mails and sending direct mails. Both alternatives have their positives and negatives, but with the recent development in the internet age, e-mail marketing appears to be more proficient in getting a promotional message across. It is also a great way to produce sales and leads and may help in knowing the requirements of your prospective clients and dedicated customers. Though, sending direct mail is also considered a dependable way to reach an intended audience.

First of all, e-mail marketing is less costly than direct mail. The volume of e-mail addresses in an announcement is often times in the millions so the total number of people you are able to reach in a specific campaign is immense. Secondly, e-mail is quick; you can get your message out to people in a few seconds. This also makes email a great means for checking your campaigns before the launch. Third is the fact that promotion via email provides your leads with the chance for instant action. If you give a unique offer, your email recipients will be able to get benefit of that promotion almost immediately

On the negative aspect, many argue that people are less responsive to e-mail because they are continuously flooded with spam. Your messages could even get categorized as spam, so most businesses choose to use an mass email marketing company to carry out the blast on their behalf. These companies are able to expend the spam blocks so that your message gets read. Your email advertising campaigns should also be short and precise. Internet users generally have a very limited attention period, i.e. if your e-mail does not grasp their attention immediately, it possibly would not have much impact.

It has been seen that people are much more responsive to direct mail marketing. This is possible because having something physical in their hands is more real than somewhat they see on their computer screens. Secondly, it gives you more freedom in terms of space. Customers are more probable to go through an entire letter sent by mail than one sent by e-mail. Third, as more organizations try the email marketing way, there is more space in the mailbox, or less struggle, for your direct mail piece. Less pieces of mail means a greater chance that your direct mail piece will be read.

The main disadvantage to direct mail is that it can be costly if you do not target your customer appropriately, though this can be circumvent through buying a targeted mailing list. Direct mail advertising also needs more time invested that means that responses would not be instant.

Thus, there are pros and cons of both mass email advertising and direct mail marketing and it is very important to think about your business model before selecting the kind of marketing apt for your company. Overall, it is the best idea to use a mix of both e-mail and direct mail to noticeably enlarge your client base.


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