Guidelines On How To Send Free mass Emails

Send Free mass EmailsSending emails in bulk are important if you are promoting a product or service to a big mailing list. As there are paid services that let you do this, there are also methods that you can send free bulk emails. You have two alternatives to choose: either you use a mass e-mail program or can use email marketing software.

Bulk or mass email marketing is a promotional strategy where a marketer or business owner generally sends messages or newsletters to a big list of subscribers. This kind of marketing strategy can help advertise your products and services. Though, it may also blacklist your business as spam by your customers. Most particularly if you do not follow the key principles of email marketing.

To restrain your email campaign from being considered spam, you have to ensure that you follow the basic e-mail marketing guidelines.

1. Find out whether you would use your own e-mail service or a mass email delivery program. Using your own email marketing service creates problems. When you use your own email provider, the recipient of your messages will observe the others you have sent the message unless you use blind carbon copy or BCC, but some e-mail service providers will not deliver those messages. Also, until your specific service permits it, you cannot deliver listed mass mails.

Thus, with the help of a mass email program, you can send out the message to several recipients and they will not be able to find out the others you have delivered the message to.

2. Select the best email marketing platform. There are several free ones as well. Whereas you can use the free trials, you will finally need to pay for a membership or credits to continue sending bulk emails.

3. Make an account with your selected mass email marketing program by registering. You will have to enter your email id and create a username and password to take benefit of the free services. Insert your email list details to the database within the mass e-mail platform.

4. Develop a new campaign within the email platform and craft your message by following directions given in the platform. Usually, you can copy/paste if you have already created a message. You should add images or logos in order to make your mass mailing more effective. This is particularly true if you are sending a newsletter or something alike. The directions are basically the same if you are using e-mail distribution software, while these programs usually have a built-in word processor.

5. Check the effectiveness by sending a test message. Most email delivery platforms let you enter your own email id and send out a test message to make sure that the e-mail is the approach you want it. Preview the test mail and ensure it is just what you want your mailing list to receive. Then, send out the email to your recipients.

Overall, the success of your mass email marketing campaign depends on many factors. Amongst these are how many customers you get to opt in, the resourcefulness of your marketing message and your e-mail advertising software. If you want to send free bulk emails, then you should select the services carefully. It will save a lot of time and money if it is easy to use and matches your needs.

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