How to make Mobile compatible Email Newsletter?

Email marketing is the one of the impEmail Newsletterortant methods of internet marketing. Most business owners prefer email campaign for their business. There are many best practices are used by the promoters for increasing email open rate (reach) like small content, subject line, social media icons and one of the important mobile compatible templates because Mobile email is very common today.


Today’s cell phones have become more computer-like and so smart that they now are like small computers, or PDAs. The young generation likes to read emails, including newsletters, on their mobile phone or Smartphone. If you are sending mass emails then you can expect that most of the users open emails on their mobile device like a smart phone, iPhone etc.

Many survey’s says that the number of people who read newsletters on mobile phones will in the near future be many more than today then it’s the biggest challenge, how to make Mobile compatible Email Newsletter ? Because most image loading, content arrangement and icons adjustment in newsletter for mobile is a very difficult task.

If you are planning to create a mobile compatible email newsletter you can choose different methods for it.

• Point out a link at the top of email for mobile version of newsletter
If you have already well designed newsletter and want to send it on common list means it may be possible that users see email on mobile or desktop, then it can be difficult to redesign template for mobile phones and smart phones.

In This situation it may be better to create a simple version of the newsletter and place it on a web page on the Internet. And place a clickable link (a hyperlink) at the top of the e-mail newsletter that you send to your contacts that opens the mobile version of the newsletter.

• Get the view of receiver about where they want prefers to read newsletter
Another option is to create two versions of emails, mobile version and desktop version. And ask to recipient a question “where would you like to read the newsletter – in mobile or in computer”. On the basis this information tries to create two different mailing lists that will be used in future.

• Create a newsletter that compatible for both a computer and mobile phone
If you don’t want to make two different versions of email newsletter and want to create one which looks great both in a mobile display and on a computer screen, then achieve for this ideal thing it’s required that don’t try to make newsletter too wide and also avoid using too large or too small pictures in the newsletter because very small picture is difficult to see in a mobile phone’s display and an excessively large picture can be disturbing the design of the email. If you avoid it then user can easily check a mail on mobile without scrolling the page.

• Add a script of display width compatibility that automatically adjusts newsletter
In technical terms, if you know programming languages and familiar with HTML then by using small width compatibility script in style sheets (CSS) of the newsletter, you can create e-mails that automatically adjusts the width according to display devices.
It’s not difficult to get a script of compatibility, just Google “script for email newsletter display compatibility” and get many good results.

Every mass email campaign aim to reach best open rates but it could be possible if emails have mobile and desktop compatibility features. By Following above best tips you easily create mobile compatible email newsletters and get best open rate of newsletters from mobile users.


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