9 Secrets to Creating Mobile Phone compatible Newsletter

The newsletter is a publication about products, specialties and reviews of companies that are sent periodically to a group of selected people. With the development of technology, companies, organizations and industries now send digital newsletters to their subscribers through an email campaign.

mass mail marketing

Many reasons are available for any organization, to send newsletters on a regular basis. From the researches, it has been observed that 42% of the newsletter subscribers are more likely to buy from the companies that they have subscribed to. They feel that it is safe to buy products or services from your company. But it is an only guess that how many subscribers open your mail and which device they will use for checking your mail.

Its Technology miracle that now desktop computers are converting in pocket system and smart phones so it’s more important that your newsletter must have mobile compatible.

9 Secrets to Creating a Mobile Phone compatible Newsletter

  1. Use short subject line – Must use short subject because if you use long subject line it’s more possibility that the last words will not be visible in the mobile phone’s display.
  2. Create small newsletter – If you wish to users read your mail then don’t send too wide newsletter, because for long mails the user must scroll too much and its possibility that newsletter shows as a very disturbing way.
  3. Send plain text emails – Sometimes it may be better to send plain text emails instead of HTML newsletters, it has the great advantage that the line width is always accepted to the display or window width so the reader does not need to scroll horizontally to read the e-mail.
  4. Use Mobile compatible images – Do not include very small and too large pictures in the newsletter because they can be difficult to see on a mobile phone’s / smart phone’s display so always use Mobile compatible images.
  5. Use Mobile compatible text –You should avoid light text on a dark background for the body text because such a text may seem hard to read if the letters are small on the display so always use mobile compatible text.
  6. Use Simple email template – Avoid a complex design and sophisticated graphics because it may appear incorrectly in some older mobile phones so always try to use a simple email template.
  7. Make attractive header – Important and interesting information should always be placed at the top and to the left in the newsletter because this part is the most visible on mobile phone displays.
  8. Give contact info in the mail – If you want to sell any products or serve an offer  to your customers then you should always provide a phone number in the newsletter as well as if you have a physical shop or stores then provide the complete address of shop because that is easy to find you .
  9. Use Non-English characters carefully – If you use non-English characters like Hindi, Urdu, Spanish etc. in your newsletter then check carefully that they are shown correctly on mobile phones.

The above points are most considerable for mass mail marketing if you are sending mail to mobile users. If email creator follows all points at the time of creating a Newsletter for a Mobile Phone then you will get best open rate and response to the email campaign.


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