Email Marketing Or SEO Marketing, Which one is best?

Email MarketingIf you are going to promote your business by internet marketing then it’s important to make sure that which one is best for your business – SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and PPC etc. this decision is too much difficult because each of the processes are best for business promotion.

SEO, search engine optimization is the process to optimize visibility of website on major search engines and email marketing is the process of promoting the website by email campaign.

As per internet marketing experts if you just want to promote your business then go with email marketing and if you have patience then go with an SEO marketing.

Those are the following aspects that’s helpful for taking decisions:.

  • A trend of the online business increases day to day and becoming popular in society.  If you want to compete to market then it’s too much important to decide what is your choice – either you spend money (email marketing) or you spend your time (SEO).
  • If you are ready to spend time and money then SEO is the best option for you but a drawback is that to securing traffic, SEO takes too much time and in this period business may be going off so it’ better idea to use SEO with email marketing. By that  you can get not only visibility as well as traffic and popularity.
  • If you just start an online business and go to promote it  by internet marketing then email marketing is the best option. If you have opted-in list then you not only get traffic but also find visitors view and interest by emails.

A  small view about benefits of email marketing over SEO:

It is cost-effective 
Email marketing is considered to be one of the most cost-efficient forms of advertising because email marketing pricing  are not high as compared to SEO. SEO is a time consuming and costly process. From keyword analysis to keyword ranking it’s  taken a lot’s of time and after spending too much money, there is no guarantee of keyword ranking due to search engine updates so it’s best to go with email marketing.

Global reach
Another advantage of email campaign over SEO is that global reach means you can reach anyone in the world by mailing in just a few minutes. As compared to email marketing With SEO this is a major drawback that your keywords have not seen same on all search engines and all regions.

It is immediate.
After an email is opened, it doesn’t take a long time for taking immediate action and Your customers can purchase by few clicks, while SEO require people to search product, contacts, shop.

It allows targeting the audience.
Unlike SEO, email marketing allows you to reach people that are most likely to become your customers means You can target your emailing campaigns according to a variety of demographic characteristics.

Measurable results
As compared to SEO, with Email marketing it’s possible to determine results  in terms of how effective your campaign. By the services report you can easily find who opened, who clicked and which links and how much clicked. These data can help you improve your approach and your business. With SEO you can’t get such type of any report and you don’t measures SEO work properly in term of traffic.

Above comparison gives the best answer to Which one is best – Email Marketing Or SEO Marketing?


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