Five points to consider while choosing an email service provider

images20The accomplishment of an e-mail marketing campaign is based on a number of things such as content, message creation, your target customers, but one very imperative factor you may not have thought about is your ESP’s status. The email service provider you select to work with can make all the difference in whether your email ever reaches to your clients.

Here are the five points you should consider in finding out which one would be the best choice for you:

1. Email deliverability rates
If your email does not go to the inbox, it undoubtedly will not get read. That is why one of the most imperative metrics is deliverability rate, which describes you how frequently the email you deliver is actually sent to the inbox of the targeted recipient.

2. Bounce handling
It is almost not possible to have a perfect e-mail list; delivering emails to outmoded addresses creates a “dreadful” email id in your mailing list without you knowing. Though, how you deal with this condition has a big impact on your capability of delivering to good  email ids.

3. Email volume
Consider it or not, the promptness of your email is also an essential factor in your ESP’s status. To obtain higher e-mail reputation and deliverability for an indefinite period, the email service provider should deliver emails with a regular pace.

It is very simple to recognize businesses that care about customer retention and continuity, as they deliver usual email to opt-in clients, have high e-mail open and click through rates, manage already developed business relationships, and have a propensity to keep stable and constant growth.

4. CAN-SPAM conformity
The CAN-SPAM act is the law prevailing minimum best practices for e-mail senders that give out as a template for sender scores and black lists, which, in result, give strong obligation of its prerequisites.

All reputable solution providers try to conform with CAN-SPAM. On the other hand, because their customers may be capable of delivering e-mail themselves, ESPs must have methods for verifying that their customers are also in observance and implement the rules when someone goes out of line. Also, they need to be ready to abandon customer contracts for non-conformity with CAN-SPAM.

5. Blacklist removal
Even if an email service provider pursues all the best practices, there is still a possibility that it could get blacklisted by a particular internet service provider or by a blacklist manager such as SpamCop. When this occurs, there are a number of paths to make sure that good marketers still get their message into their clients’ inboxes:

• ESPs should put forward a removal request and get their email contacts off from blacklists promptly by showing a history of good practice and objective.

• They should keep up a set of mail servers with good status so, if one gets obstructed, they can forward email through the other accounts.

• They must be apparent about their reputation and practices, so you can learn if they are having any viable issues and what they are doing to resolve them.

If your email marketing solutions provider is highly regarded and hard-working, each of these processes should ensure all interested parties are conversant and your message gets delivered as soon as possible.


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