Use Spam Checker To Improve Email Deliverability

download10Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach prospective as well as current customers. You can deliver emails without having all the costs linked with routine direct mail – charges like printing, envelope-stuffing material and postage handling costs. The major disadvantage to e-marketing is that it is difficult to make sure that your email even goes to the recipient’s inbox. But, with various email service providers available you need not to worry about getting your emails into the inbox.

Always remember that these strategies are for justifiable e-mail marketing only. Never send spam and, always check with spam checker before sending. It is against the law, wrong and highly negative for your reputation. Trustworthy businesses use only opt-in leads for an email campaign and pay attention to opt-out requests quickly. Make sure to do the same.

Conversely, direct mail marketers expend prolific amounts on explicit design and attractive images. But, e-mail marketing works best with simple, text-only layout. Simply, insert a copy of your brand logo at the header or footer of the email. Inadequacy of images makes the email look more businesslike and less sales ready, which will pick up it at first glance for both automated filters and the receiver himself. Also, many email marketing programs do not download images on emails for security issues. Thus, if you deliver a graphic-heavy message, your customers will probably come to halt with a message full of empty inboxes.

Before delivering a mass email marketing campaign to your customers, verify it with the spam checkers and substantiate that your internet protocol addresses are not on any of them. If they are, put in a request to get them removed as soon as possible. Several spam filters will repeatedly obstruct messages that come from doubtful IP addresses in spite of the message’s content. There are many free email spam checkers available and  you can use them frequently if you deliver bulk emails.

Spam filters give huge importance to email subject line, so ignore using a subject line such as Buy, Win, etc. or other such spam words. In the normal sense, ignore using all-caps text, word recurrence, and further exclamation points. Essential criteria are to examine your message and ask yourself “Does this appear like a usual business communication in word selection, punctuation and layout?” If your answer is yes, your content is definitely better from the spam filter’s viewpoint.

You can effectively simplify the email marketing method by using a service to manage your campaign. There are many email marketing experts who will help you create a template, manage your client lists, deal with replies and verify your messages for spam-like features. Definitely, they will also charge you for their service, though most only request for a small monthly fee.

At last, spam reports and blacklisting can be terrifying; when that occurs, all of your email marketing tasks are going to squander. But, through knowing how spam filters work and applying best practices, you can almost always wait for a positive result from your e-mail advertising campaigns.

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