Tips To Get Higher Open Rates In An Email Blast Campaign

email-blast-campaignAs we all know that the real success of any marketing campaign is the number of conversions and ROI, it is significant that we look at ways that we can improve those conversions. And, before we get to the message inside the blast, we have got to ensure as many people are going through it as probable.

Here are a few significant tips you can use to improve the open rates on your email blast, even if a third party is delivering them for you or whether you are blasting the recipients by using your own lists.

1. Personalize your “From” name
Most third party email blast service providers allow you to deliver emails from whatever name you would like. It should come from you or your company. The more effective your communication, the better. Whatever you select, ensure it is as instantaneously identifiable as possible.

2. Keep away from spam flags
A lot  can happen to each email you deliver before it gets to your target recipient. Their ISP scans those emails for signs whether you are a spammer or not. If it has that sign, your email will be delivered to your recipient’s junk or spam folder very. Or not as good as, the internet service provider may just bounce back your email! How can you reduce the chances of being perceived as Spam? Here are some imperative things to keep away in your subject lines, particularly: exclamation points, $ signs, all caps, words such as “free,” “special discount,” etc.

3. Email timing
There are not only good days of the week to deliver emails to boost your open rates, but there are also good times of day. The problematic part is finding out the best day or time for your particular message. As many people get their emails at the workplace, so try to avoid Mondays and Fridays. Weekends are more effective than they used to be, but you should try to sell on a Saturday or Sunday.

4. Appropriate email subject line
A well-created subject line is equal of old-fashioned direct reply copy. It is an advertisement for the advertisement. Do not just use a few words simultaneously to say, “save money on tickets to water kingdom.” Your subject line has to rev up your recipient so that they are bound to press that open button. Expend time with your subject lines. And, see what subject lines artifice you as you open emails each day.

5. Verify your email each time
Split test your emails with two different subjects, if you can do. If you cannot split test, then try different methods with each email campaign and see how your open rate varies from blast to blast. Testing is the main element for improving anything, not just marketing and not just open rates, but this is one of the places that we actually ignore in this area more than anything. If we are so reliant on email blasts and open rates, then we should try diverse things with every effort and adjust therefore.

At last, email marketing is not going anywhere. It is still your campaign’s powerful asset, even if you are purchasing email lists from third parties, or delivering them yourself. If you concentrate on enhancing your open rate with the above tips, you can make that asset more worthwhile.


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