Why choose email over direct mail advertising?

DIRECT-MAIL-ADVERTISINGThere has been a long argument about which one is better between direct mail advertising and email marketing. Direct mail may produce the highest reply rates of all direct marketing channels, but email marketing produces the highest ROI.  Differently, even if people are more probable to answer to a direct mail message, by the time you take away the cost of writing, postage, printing, and delivering the campaign, it ends up charging more than the email advertising campaign. The email has higher responses and ends up generating more money. This is particularly true if you are emailing your own client-base in a cross-selling endeavor.

Reasons to choose best email marketing service over direct mail advertising

1. Saves your postage costs
Oh, this is a simple one. If you have to deliver thousand customers a five page printed newsletter that costs a lot to deliver the mail, but you can deliver that same newsletter in email format in a cost-effective way.

2. Printing charges
Yes, same thing comes here. Your unpretentious catalog costs $2 each to publish, and you require one thousand. You also want to deliver a catalog once each month. That is costly! You can get an email marketing plan for less than $10 a month and bring together great catalogs rapidly and at no extra costs. And, you cannot insert a video in your printed catalogs.

3. Environment friendly
Email marketing does not need the use of paper and ink unless somebody wants to print up a discount coupon with their printer.

4. Scalability
How will you identify that who unfolds your direct mail? Definitely, you can disburse for delivery verification, but e-mail marketing gives this to you at no extra cost. It can notify you if the email was really opened and if people clicked on your website links. Generally, this data is simply evident with visual graphics and can be downloaded for further references.

5. Highest ROI
This is the prevalent one. Recent reports suggest that email marketing gives about $43 for each dollar used up on it. Of all marketers reviewed, most of them reported using e-mail marketing than direct mail. Not only is it gainful, but it is also broadly accepted.

6. Pace
What is the lead-time in creating a mail piece, forwarding it to the printer, making it for mail delivery and sending to the post office to deliver it? By hiring a mass email marketing company you can generate a higher ROI than direct mail advertising.

Relying on your intended market, email marketing is generally cost effective than direct mail.  Postage, printing, and handling charges are not an issue with email marketing. In addition, if you are considering a global campaign, the method of creating and sending emails is less complex than using direct mail worldwide. As compared with other types of online marketing, email advertising provides the highest ROI.

At last, direct mail can be a tremendously profitable marketing technique. Though, it must be done properly or it can be a total waste of money. On the other hand, if done appropriately, e-mail marketing may be an almost surefire way to get your message in front of a customer.

One thought on “Why choose email over direct mail advertising?

  1. I think a lot of direct mail gets tossed, where people are more likely to engage with emails, with a call to action. You can get people’s attention at home in a comfortable environment, where they are more likely to take the time to visit your site, or consider patronizing your company. There are success stories on either side of the argument!

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