Points To Consider While Selecting Free Email Templates

email-templatesPossibly the most tough and time-consuming part of developing a mass email marketing campaign is designing your email marketing template.

Luckily, there are many service providers, which provide you with access to free email template. If you are planning to launch an email marketing campaign and think of using a pre-made email newsletter template, here are a few things to reflect on:

1) Use a template that matches your business
Select a template that goes with your business or company. Consider your subscribers’ anticipations. If you run a financial company, they are more probable to realize a classic, stylish outline without excessive visual interruptions. Though, if you have a production company, your customers are more likely to get impressed by a visually appealing and funky image.

2) Your template should emphasize the brand recognition
When selecting a free email template, keep in mind that even though templates are general, it’s significant to make sure that your HTML email newsletter is identifiable to your recipients. That means, by opening your email newsletter, your recipients should be met with a recognizable outline and design. It is a way of developing brand awareness. Preferably, you should be able to modify the selected template to replicate your business brand – most pre-made templates are simply editable to make it easy for you to integrate your logo or other brand attributes.

3) Make use of an email copy
Insert a short line of copy at the head of the email that describes your main message and involves the call to action. If obtained on a mobile phone, this is a fast and simple way to make sure that your key message will be the primary thing the reader perceives.

4) Maintain a balance
A clean, simple outline is always easy on the eyes and thus very well accepted. When choosing a free email template, target for an outline that balances content and graphics. Too much of either could put off your recipients from going through your entire email. You do not want your recipients to be so abstracted by your images that they ignore to go through your complete content, however, solid blocks of text could also keep them off. Thus, you should balance your content and image.

5) Send a test email
One of the advantages of using e-mail templates is that it has usually been checked to make sure that they do well crossways all email clients. Though, always deliver a test email of your newsletter to yourself to make sure that all links, anchor links and graphics are working and exhibiting properly.

Many best email marketing service providers offer free templates that your business can perfectly send bulk emails, or direct messages.

These free templates not only save your money, but are also professionally created for email marketing success, thus saving you the  precious time, efforts, and skills required to design an email marketing template. Though, free templates can still be used to promote your business.

So, if you want to make things easier and save yourself from the  hassle, you can always choose one of the other popular simple newsletter formats such as PDF or text. This will save you more time in the long run.

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