Is Free Email Hosting Right Choice For Business Promotion?

free email hostingEmail hosting in India and various other countries is getting a lot of importance. Most of the businesses are opting hosted services, whether it is paid or free email hosting services. The former is quite better in terms of dependability, safety, cost-savings and other aspects in the long run. You can also go for free services, if you have started a business and do not have much funds. Specialists say that hosted exchange is one of the best options as it offers simple migration between same environments. Furthermore, the technology of hosted services provided is complicated and providing huge reliability in services and speed up easy management.

Let us talk about a few features that make email hosting beneficial.

1. Large space
Hosted exchange services provide a large amount of disk storage space. You can have mailboxes with an enormous space ranging from 5GB to 25GB for each mailbox.

2. Provide support for mobile phones
Email hosting like MS exchange 2010 facilitates email on different devices. You can get your business email marketing campaign on smartphones, android based phones, tablets, iPads windows phone 7,  and iPhone.

3. Easy partnership
Many free email hosting services facilitate easy partnership. The mail service will make possible viewing your employee’s schedule- even if they are involved in work or have some free time just around the corner. You can simply plan some immediate meeting or a qualified one, having an eye on their work plan.

4. Dependable
Email service providers offer huge dependability and some of them offer maximum uptime for clients signing up for dedicated email servers. Thus, the client gets great equanimity as he is certain that the communication services will run constantly without sustaining any extra costs.

5. Microsoft reinforcement
The worth mentioning of the name Microsoft gives consistency, safety and professionalism. Selecting service providers offering hosted services such as MS exchange 2010 & 2013 will have a maintenance staff trained by Microsoft and thus you will be capable of getting an outstanding support staff for your help. Uninterrupted product improvement is one of the greatest things about Microsoft and therefore you keep having value-added services.

6. Associated services
Service providers who offer hosting services also give other benefits which are provided as a package to the clients. For example, some companies may give a free copy of Outlook 2010 or Entourage 2008 for all members of staff in your company with hosted Exchange 2010 Outlook edition. It is significant to note that these services vary from one provider to another.

Considering the number of benefits it provides, it is definitely a great alternative that businesses should opt for. All the aforesaid factors  are completely in favor of business email hosting and thus it adds great significance to your business. There are various mass email marketing service providers which are providing attractive packages to go with the needs and budgets of various businesses. It is prudent to opt for a dependable service provider of email hosting in India or any other countryside. Such a company will be able to help you in the effective way and allow your email up and running 24×7 and the whole year.

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