Essential Methods To Improve Email Open Rates

email-open-rateIf you have an email list and make use of mass email marketing to advertise your products or services, one of your most imperative targets should be to get as many people to open your emails as feasible. That is why your subject line is very important. The fact is if your recipients do not like your subject line, or if it doesn’t reverberate him or her, they would not open your message. And, they are not going to click through your offer, and would not buy from you.

The fact is, your subject line is the most significant part of your marketing email. If it does not catch your readers’ interest, your email open rates are going to be dreadful. And, if that is the case, you are wasting your time in email marketing.

Here are 3 essential methods that will help you in getting more people to open your emails.

1. One of the best methods to improve your open rate is by using persuasive email subject lines that provide or promise a result to your recipients. If you can add hooks such as inquisitiveness, advantages, disagreement, and other factors like appropriate news or tips that is also going to improve your open rate. Thus, simply using a touch of inquisitiveness is always a great place to begin. If you can find a way to put in drama, interest, or promise a result or advantage in your subject line, and then fix that into your message content so it will make sense, you are going to get individuals to open your message. Once they have opened it, if you can seize their interest with a convincing story or something appealing and helpful to them, they would read it right through.

2. Split testing your emails by using two different subject lines is a good method to know what your recipients want to get, because they will be clicking to open your message. So, deliver the same message to everyone on your email list, but divide the recipients into two groups and split test by sending two different subject lines.

The aim is to observe which subject line gets a large number of people to open your email. When you get the winner, again send the same message to the people who did not click on the message primarily. That will help you in getting maximum number of people to open your message and go through it.

3. One more great idea is to observe the top businesses in your niche. Create an email marketing services account specially for this task, and then subscribe to as many competitor lists as you can. Note down the subject lines they use, particularly if they use them repeatedly. You should be capable of getting on a lot of lists, so you can find out how your opponents attract people to open their emails.

Overall, these three tips could lead to a significant increase in your email open rates and business sales.


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