Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Email Marketing Campaign

email-marketing-campaignIn the last few years, despite the bombardment of spam mail, junk or special promotions that our inboxes are flooded with on a regular basis, email marketing still takes up a significant place in your marketing mix and as such, should not be avoided when attempting to produce new business or up sell products to present as well as potential customers.

Email marketing can be used to communicate information about new services or products with your present customers, you can send an email related to press releases to concerned stakeholders and you can use it to launch new products to clients getting them to step onto the initial step of your sales channel.

There are many small businesses that favor the use of email marketing due to its low cost, historic ROI and expediency. However, this has come out with not only obstructing the inboxes of a large number of potential customers, but also all but a few emails are removed without being interpreted. It appears that email marketing has become the victim of its own accomplishment.

A current digital marketing research showed an average open rate of less than twenty percent of marketing emails. An open rate shows the number of people who really opened your email and came across it. If it does not open, it will not at all be interpreted and you would not get a chance to express your message to your intended audience.

There are three essential elements of an email marketing campaign that you have control over and can help you improve your open rate.

1. The ‘From’ name
Personalization of the ‘from’ field allows your email to grab the maximum possible attention from your targeted customers. Apart from just adding your company name in this area, add a few adjectives that indicate the reader what your organization do, which gives them a reason to open your email.

2. Subject line
When creating your subject line, make use of the marketing acronym AIDA, i.e., Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Your email subject line must be able to grab attention and increase the recipient’s interest to open your email.

You should keep your subject line short & precise, make your point as short as possible so that it actually grabs the attention of your recipients.

If you use an email marketing software, then it should allow you to customize your subject line. Using the name of the receiver almost doubles the chances of them opening your email.

You should also do some testing for a single email shot, attempting different subject lines will allow you to find out what works effectively and gives the best possible results.

3. Email timing
Your main aim should be to deliver your emails in the middle part of the day and if possible not on Mondays or Fridays. If you deliver your email in the early morning, it will come into view probably with hundreds of other emails and more than likely it will be removed. If you deliver it belatedly in the evening, most receivers will delete it in the hurry to leave the office.

So, these were some tips you must use for increasing the efficiency of your email marketing campaign. If you have some more tips, then you can leave us comments.



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