How Email Spam Complaints May Affect Your Marketing Campaign

email-spamLike a ravenous email user you may feel disappointed when your inbox gets flooded with redundant massages. Although at one point it is probable that you opt in to the email newsletters, but you just get weary of seeing them and decide to click the report spam button to help clean your inbox. However, what actually happens is that you are spoiling the email sender reputation.

When you click the report spam button on an email message this detail gets packaged up and sent back to the service provider that actually delivered the message. The recipient’s inbox also instantly adds the message to a filter making any incoming email from that sender to go into a junk folder.

If different mass email marketing messages have been marked as spam from a specific sender, then the ESP that hosts the recipient’s inbox may select to create a fundamental rule that automatically delivers all messages from that sender into the junk folder. This can be very detrimental because really interested users of your email list will not obtain your email communications.

The best email marketing service provider usually decides to apply a rule when the senders IP reputation is very low. This is based on a calculation of how many emails were sent and how many of them produced spam complaints. Once it is assessed, the spam complaint rate amount is ascertained.

Once an email has been marked as spam the service provider also logs the internet protocol address of the sender, sender’s domain name, and urls present in the email, which means even if the urls are pointing to the similar domain from a totally different sender they can select to obstruct that sender also for linking to those URLs.

If you are intending to do email marketing at a large volume it is significant for you to create a Feedback Loop. This is a way that you can instantly find out which recipient marked your email communication as spam and you can then remove them from your list. In this way, less of your emails will get hit the spam folder by default, and completely improves your sender status.

It is nearly impracticable to ensure that you will not at all get spam email. If you persistently follow emailing best practices, then you will be able to reduce email spam to a desirable level.



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