General Mistakes That Increase Your Email Unsubscribe Rate

emailunsubscribeOne of the quickest methods to recklessly spoil your relationship with your customers is to confuse the communication part of the relationship. If done correctly, mass email marketing is the best method to keep connected with your customers. When used in a good way to add value to your subscribers, this can be a very essential tool in your marketing arena. Let’s have a look at three general mistakes that increase unsubscribe requests from your list.

1. No one likes getting flooded with email – not your present customers, and particularly not your potential clients. When we talk about email, more is not inevitably better. So, what is the perfect emailing frequency? Well there is not a general answer that is ideal for all businesses. That being said, most businesses will find that their perfect email frequency will be per week, bi-week, or in a month. The most significant thing here is to clearly pass on the frequency of emailing to your list and then be concordant in mailing at that frequency.

How can you find out if this is an issue for you? The best method is to start by giving a space for response when somebody unsubscribes or opts out from your list. In addition, your open rates and email unsubscribe rates can hint you in that you have got an issue, but they would not tell you what exactly the issue is; you will have to depend on response for that.

2. You have to keep in mind that your subscribers are busy people. You have to keep your place in their inbox with each email, which means offering high value with each email that you deliver.

The issue with a noticed lack of relevance can generally be tracked back to when the person originally opted-in. You have to work with your recipient to set the correct expectation. Tell the people directly how regularly they should anticipate to get email from you and what types of things you will be sending to them.

The more customized you can make your emails, the more pertinence to your subscribers. Not customized, as in using their name, although that is also significant, but customized as in tailored to their interest, behavior, condition, etc. This is done by segmenting your list and then delivering personalized emails to every segment of your list.

3. Boring or dull emails get deleted immediately. Most people scrutinize their email marketing companies inboxes and open them only from particular senders and with engrossing subject lines. Boring or uninteresting subject lines lead to a deleted email without being opened. After many boring subject lines from the same sender, the connection with the recipient has been scoured to the point where their opting out or unsubscribing is just a matter of time.

Taking a look at the open rates linked with every email is the good method to find out the interest level that your email subject lines have with your recipients. If boring subject lines or content is an issue that you come across, the quickest method to change the situation around is to hire an experienced copywriter to increase the interest level of your emails.

So, avoid these three general mistakes and you will be well on your way to reduce the email unsubscribe rate.



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