5 Step Process For Creating A Permission Email Marketing Campaign

permission-email-marketingThe target of all types of marketing is to draw interest in, create desire for, and produce sales of your products or services. Email marketing is an ideal method to pick up where other marketing fails. It is still one of the most economical methods to get in touch with customers. It is far cheaper than conventional methods and in various cases can have a much bigger impact on instant sales and long-term relationship than traditional marketing.

Permission bulk email marketing solution is only sending promotional emails to people who have explicitly given your company permission to stay in touch with them. Using permission marketing abstracts your emails from the mountains of unwanted emails that people get on a regular basis. This type of marketing also takes care of your emails from being obstructed by spam filters.

Here is a simple five-step process in putting a successful permission email marketing campaign in place. This process is described below.

1. Make use of a permission-based email marketing software that allows you to simply create email newsletters, involuntarily manage opt-ins, opt-outs, bounces, and check reporting statistics such as opens and click through rates.

2. Find out the kind and frequency of email communication you will be delivering. I suggest you to send at least one monthly newsletter. You can definitely send many newsletters if you sell different types of products or services. You can also deliver marketing messages providing a discount coupon for a product or service.

3. Insert a sign-up form to your website so you can begin to collect subscribers and import any current lists of subscribers that have already asked for your communications. It is usually also safe to import the names of anybody who has done business with you in the previous year, provided that you will be sending content appropriate to what they bought.

4. Make a good email marketing template by using a template given within the software, having your in-house team to make one, or using the custom design services of the email marketing software.

5. Create quality and relevant content for your email newsletter or message and send it out to your email list. Carry on sending your email newsletters, product announcements, or promotions with concordant frequency. As your list increases, you will get increased traffic and if possible, increased sales on the day following an email delivery.

Thus, by following these 5 step process for permission mass email marketing, you will definitely get desired results.


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