Why Tracking Of Your Email Campaign Is Important

email-trackingImplementing a reliable email tracking program is helpful for the success of your mass email marketing. This kind of program will allow you to track your recipients’ actions and from these actions, allowing you to search methods to improve the efficiency of your campaign and website.

A good tracking program will allow you to supervise your audience’s reaction to your email campaign. Your tracking method should allow you to find out how many users have opted-in or opted-out, open rates, and click through rates. You can also find out how many of your emails have bounced; these are emails, which the receiver does not get; maybe due to an obsolete email id.

You can record open rates if your emails are delivered in HTML layout, but you cannot record emails delivered in plain text. Some receivers may just choose to get plain text emails so you will be not be able to track these, although click through rates may still be checked.

One more significant element of email tracking is conversion; from conversion tracking you will be able to check which email subscribers bought from your website or completed one more objective of your website, and what they were replying to. From conversion tracking you can find out which specific subject line was most pleading and which links got maximum click through rates. By analyzing all of these results, you can recuperate your email tremendously.

When assessing your outcomes, it is crucial to keep record of negative activities, in this way, you can improve your performance. For example, your outcomes will show the number of subscribes and unsubscribes – concentrate on the unsubscribes and ascertain why they chose to stop getting your emails. Ask yourself how many people have opted out, and are there any reciprocality? Finding out patterns and causes for recipients’ actions is the fundamental for improving your future email.

Return on investment is essential to work out. You could be getting very high email click through rates, but it does not cardinally mean you are producing sales, and that should be the target of your email! Your emails should leave the recipient wanting to opt-in to find out more, as with low subscriptions bring low ROI. But, even if you find that your email marketing campaign is taking more time than expected to manage, you could still get the best ROI with an adequately large customer base. It is up to you to make a decision about your ROI and whether it is worth your time or not.

All the results from email tracking are essential in making your next email better– getting it correct will take time and it is a big learning process. You cannot expect brilliant results instantly, but if you pay attention to your subscribers’ feedback, you can only get better from it.


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