12 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Email Marketing

If you’re wishing for success at all in the world of mass email marketing, firstly you need an ethical and authentic way to collect email addresses to keep in touch with your most frequent potential customers. While some unethical forms have been used by some marketers to harvest contact information. Although there are many ways to build your email list this approach is inadequate and counterproductive so don’t get overwhelmed boost your marketing success!


1. Place an email sign-up window on your website front page. It would make easy as possible for a visitor to fill the personal information at the sign-up box for your email list.

2. Joining of different local, state and national business groups and start sending emails to the addresses. Encourage group members for your products and services that can be spread the word about your organization/company offers on their behalf.

3. Organize a special event at your stores and invite guests to subscribe with their email address. Follow up by sending welcome offers, kits, coupons to new consumers.

4. Provide a sign-up page on your business social media pages because social media is a great medium to engage with people and collect the marketing information you need.

5. Everyone loves to get something free & special on their anniversary and birthdays. So, start a birthday club in which list members can get hottest discounts & freebies on their birthdays.

6. Ask your customers for email id over the phone. When they call you to order products, take an email address as part of the checkout process.

7. Transfer instructional videos to YouTube. Include a connection link to your email information exchange sheet in the online substance.

8. Posting on a blog can be good a good marketing tool as well as a communication device. End your every blog content with a call to action and a link to your email marketing campaign list.

9. Expand the use of newsletter to encourage visitors to sign up. Don’t forget to make your newsletter attractive and interesting and make sure people should read it month after month.

10. Show a small and unobtrusive pop-up when visitors leave your website to encourage visitors to share their email ids.

11. Update your Twitter account on daily basis with a link to your email login list. Twitter is the best tool for business, and for all bulk email marketing service.

12. Ask your employees to collect email addresses of many peoples and offer them incentives, rewards for doing so. Make sure the given addresses are valid and freely given.

While collecting numerous email addresses, always remember to keep in mind forget that the assent of the address proprietor is obligatory. Never collect an email address without the assent or trap a site guest into giving it. At last, you will be much more effective utilizing genuine and moral strategies to construct your email advertising domain.


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