4 global trends Email marketers require staying on top of in 2017

As we pass from one year to the next, the heart of (email) marketing continues to be the same. It is about rendering customer-centric practices. For email experiences, this is the mantra of right message, right person, right time. The closer you get to this the better the outcomes each year. This is simple to say but has been astonishingly hard to deliver. Broadcast email has been so useful because of the high cost and limited accuracy of solutions to get the right message, right time and the right person. That’s breaking, but don’t drain your broadcast activity just yet.


Trend 1 – Targeting

The best brands will be seizing behaviour across channels using it to enhance customer targeting. The channels in which a brand’s customers are active is brand particular, but in most cases, that means email clicks, App activity, website browsing, mobile, telesales and purchase behaviours.

Catching user interests with preference centres is dead in all but a few specific cases, or used as a last channel recovery attempt as part of an unsubscribe opt-down. Email marketing companies not using behaviour in 2017 will be turning into brands stuck in the past.

Trend 2 – Automation

Rather than shifting to automation, brands should be supplementing current email activity and merging in automation programs to complete the broadcast activity.

In fact, many of the brands already have components of automation incorporated into their email marketing software  and they will be adding to this in 2017. But due to natural limitations in email automation, nobody should be considered stopping the use of using any broadcast.

The best trigger points for automation are those which show high intention for conversion and happen with right frequency. For example, someone adding a product or commodity to their wish list could be an excellent trigger point, but if your customer base almost never does that then such a trigger point has a very little value.

Trend 3 – Data regulation and privacy

It’s clear that regulation is going in a single direction only, worldwide. Permission is becoming stricter; what marketers can do with data is going to be more tightly regulated in coming days.

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is agreed. We can soon expect to see privacy regulation changes too, as it needs to continue in step with data protection.

The ICO has validated that GDPR will be adopted, as implementation is needed before the Brexit timetable. Even after a Brexit has been achieved any brands marketing into the EU will need to follow GDPR. The long term worst case for brands could be following GDPR for EU residents and different regulations for the UK.

Trend 4 – Email creatives

A few brands have experimented with pushing the envelope of email design, such as making hamburger menus, carousel type elements,  and interactive features in their emails. Often they are called interactive emails.

However, it’s far from clear whether this is really a good thing. Some of the design innovations in 2016 are doubtful in value. There are clever designs that make it difficult to access content by needing extra clicks to see all content, whereas a simple linear design showing all with scrolling would be better.

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How Mass Email Service Is Best For Online Business


Email is one of the best online advertising tools, used broadly to make a quick connection with your organization without any problem. If every business enterprise has an aim to approach their prospective customers to build up a powerful bond with them, then start delivering mails as a medium of communication. Mass email service will be very useful, particularly for small business as they try hard to make a reputation for their business. These types of services allow every business owner to stay in constant contact with a large number of customers all at once. This service is very useful to bring fresh, new customers as well as to sustain the present customers.

Mass email service refers to delivering the same, almost identical messages to a large number of recipients. With exactly occurring lists, send a single text to each individual. Number of recipients are varying from the hundreds to the thousands, based on the campaign targets.

Generally, mass email is used for sending marketing emails. If you have an email list of customers, you can send them content relevant to their business or interest. A bulk email server provider allows you to send to any list, despite its size. The rate at which you send emails is totally up to you, and should be dependent on what the recipients look forward to. Your engagement data, involving spam reports, opt-outs, open and click through rates, will describe you even if your message is up to the mark or not.

You pay on the basis of the volume of email you deliver, not your list size. The service provider you use gives valuable insights for your whole email marketing program.

The mass email service can be facilitated with minimum changes to your application. At the fundamental level, simply point your simple mail transfer protocol settings to a server and it will take care of the rest. You can also use web API or SMTP API to more intensely incorporate into your system.

The marketing email service gives non-technical users to deliver email newsletters in large quantity and other bulk emails using a drag-and-drop feature. Email list management and all features of the service are also available through the advertising API, so developers can link email to your company’s workflow. In this type of service, steady throughput is the support of your business if your business model depends on email marketing for any segment of your income. The best method to understand even if a mass email service is dependable or not is to do some research by your own.

Improve Your Online Business With Bulk Email Service

Marketing products and services online has become the regulation of any business enterprise or fast growing company. Bulk email service has become a significant tool to improve sales and customer relationship at the lowest cost. If you are thinking to use email marketing, then there are various software in the market that can give assistance. Current ingenious findings about online business, mass emails, including online marketing methods have observed a key change when compared to different sectors. The main reason behind this is the compliance of the platform and different options that are available in the market based on diversity of viable services.

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Free email marketing – A good replacement of traditional business marketing

Free-email-marketingOnline business is undeniably very much competitive than the traditional ones. So, if you run an online store and you are enthusiastic to make it fruitful, then you will have to in fact work efficiently on it. One of the most remarkable and highly useful marketing strategies for businesses is free email marketing. It can be regarded as a highly adaptable technique with no geographical restrictions.

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Why to choose free email hosting services?

In the current state of affairs, internet is one of the most essential medium used for interaction by business entities. To facilitate communication with customers or even within the company, e-mails are used. Due to its increasing significance, it is necessary to have enhanced and if available, free email hosting.

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How to look for the best email marketing services

best email marketing servicesEvery organization requires promotion for increasing their business. It is only because of marketing that makes people attentive towards your company. Without proper business marketing you cannot attain customers, which is essential for every business. One can use different methods of promotion for his/her company, but one of them, which is gaining popularity day by day is e-mail marketing.

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Role of free email servers in improving business productivity

free email serversIf you are an online business owner and  wish to deal with your remote client on and off then the protection plays an essential role. To run a successful online business it is imperative to have a suitable communication and mutual system. In the present trend the technological progression along with the requirement for employees, customers, business modules, acquaintances and other things, it is significant to have a highly resourceful production tool. Free email servers are one of the most important collaborative communication systems that are used extensively. Therefore, businesses should have a secure mail server to keep their online business correctly managed and also help in their secluded help.

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Benefits Of Best Email Service Provider For Bulk Mailing

Dealing a business not only involves simply buying and selling of goods. It has become a more intricate and specific phenomenon. Businesses have no alternative of performing everything by themselves, they have known the significance of allocation and that is how business corporations have expert people to run all the activities efficiently and successfully.

Best Email Service Provider

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How to make an effective content plan for email marketing newsletter

How to make an effective content plan for email marketing newsletterDelivering an email newsletter means you are required to have an email marketing plan on generating content on a daily basis. You may be sending weekly, monthly or on a completely different timetable. It is significant to redesign your content in advance. One of the difficult parts of writing a newsletter is getting in the habit of creating content frequently and ensuring that it is correctly published. But, you can make the method much more convenient with effective planning.

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Techniques To Create Useful Content For Mass Email Marketing

Mass Email MarketingMany online businesses see mass email marketing as a chance to market their products and services. They understand that it involves emails that has subtle marketing to attract recipients. This type of marketing also involves e-mail newsletters that enclose useful articles using a soft sell technique that is placed on the email and deliver to prospective customers. This can help in advertising the products and services you provide or to produce high traffic for your website.

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