Evaluate the Effectiveness of Email Content in these 4 Ways

Mass Email marketing is the best tool to generate and nurturing quality leads, engaging people through your sales funnel and everyone’s motive is to get business from the emails. So, that to see a return on their marketing investment, businesses are much serious about measuring the effectiveness of your email body text/content. If they do not want this email marketing analytics, they won’t know what your market wants?


You likely continue to send emails and blindly hoping for opens! So, keep your eyes on four ways to figure out where to focus your efforts for high success in email marketing campaign.

  1. Try New Subject Lines

In every email, readers see subject lines on the top of the content. As such, your attractive subject lines tell about your open rate. Take a good look at them and worked well for future. Tell your writer to draft an email with two subject lines (A & B) so that you can split test them through A/B testing.

To keep subject lines fresh and readable, must keep these strategies in mind:

  • Use appropriate words aligned with your brand.
  • Some people like to see their own names or shout-outs to their city names.
  • Write only 30-50 words.
  • Don’t use copy subject line.
  1. Utilize More And More Anchor Text For Same Links

As your main motive is to get more visitors to your site, so to find out how well your email attract subscribers, you want the help of tracking click-through rates (CTR) for your links. An increase in the number of readers shows that your email content applicable and actionable.

Follow step by step approach-

  • A link to the same portion of website content more than once in a single email.
  • Take a use of many languages to describe each link and highlight those words with different font color, also called ‘’anchor text’’.

This is how you can do A/B test- anchor text to recognize which will urge readers to click.

  1. Track Engagement Rates Also

It’s good to measure how long someone is spending on your emails. Are people actually reading, or just opening or being served a preview from their inboxes? Immediately deleting them can definitely minimize your engagement rate less than two seconds.

A perfect email takes at least six to seven seconds to create a content impression in the reader’s mind.

  1. Don’t Test All Variables At One Time

Doing this, you won’t understand which changes worked best. Many email marketing services provider include these core metrics. Usually, they offer free service for small marketing programs that have less subscriber list. As your campaigns perform better, you’ll grow out of the free versions.



4 global trends Email marketers require staying on top of in 2017

As we pass from one year to the next, the heart of (email) marketing continues to be the same. It is about rendering customer-centric practices. For email experiences, this is the mantra of right message, right person, right time. The closer you get to this the better the outcomes each year. This is simple to say but has been astonishingly hard to deliver. Broadcast email has been so useful because of the high cost and limited accuracy of solutions to get the right message, right time and the right person. That’s breaking, but don’t drain your broadcast activity just yet.


Trend 1 – Targeting

The best brands will be seizing behaviour across channels using it to enhance customer targeting. The channels in which a brand’s customers are active is brand particular, but in most cases, that means email clicks, App activity, website browsing, mobile, telesales and purchase behaviours.

Catching user interests with preference centres is dead in all but a few specific cases, or used as a last channel recovery attempt as part of an unsubscribe opt-down. Email marketing companies not using behaviour in 2017 will be turning into brands stuck in the past.

Trend 2 – Automation

Rather than shifting to automation, brands should be supplementing current email activity and merging in automation programs to complete the broadcast activity.

In fact, many of the brands already have components of automation incorporated into their email marketing software  and they will be adding to this in 2017. But due to natural limitations in email automation, nobody should be considered stopping the use of using any broadcast.

The best trigger points for automation are those which show high intention for conversion and happen with right frequency. For example, someone adding a product or commodity to their wish list could be an excellent trigger point, but if your customer base almost never does that then such a trigger point has a very little value.

Trend 3 – Data regulation and privacy

It’s clear that regulation is going in a single direction only, worldwide. Permission is becoming stricter; what marketers can do with data is going to be more tightly regulated in coming days.

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is agreed. We can soon expect to see privacy regulation changes too, as it needs to continue in step with data protection.

The ICO has validated that GDPR will be adopted, as implementation is needed before the Brexit timetable. Even after a Brexit has been achieved any brands marketing into the EU will need to follow GDPR. The long term worst case for brands could be following GDPR for EU residents and different regulations for the UK.

Trend 4 – Email creatives

A few brands have experimented with pushing the envelope of email design, such as making hamburger menus, carousel type elements,  and interactive features in their emails. Often they are called interactive emails.

However, it’s far from clear whether this is really a good thing. Some of the design innovations in 2016 are doubtful in value. There are clever designs that make it difficult to access content by needing extra clicks to see all content, whereas a simple linear design showing all with scrolling would be better.

For even more thoughts on email marketing campaign in coming time, keep visiting us.


5 Advantages Of Hiring Bulk Email Service For Business Promotion

Bulk Email Service For Business Promotion

Many people or businesses may know about the bulk email service and there is no doubt that it is the best method to market your products and services to various people every at the similar time. Envision what you can obtain from it? A huge entire audience. When we talk about bulk email service and mass email service you should understand the advantages that you get out of them before selecting a service that matches your requirements. You should also be acquainted with how to select a good email marketing company for your e-mail marketing campaign.

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Email List Significance In Mass Marketing Of Online Business

A mailing list for mass email marketing is one of the most effective types of cost efficient marketing techniques that businesses can use. There is no method for a marketer to skip the prices of delivering ads arbitrarily to people than by straightforwardly contacting a particular group. In order to create a strong mailing list, you primarily require to describe your market and audience and this is one of the decisive factors for useful lists and should not be taken hastily. It is also significant to personalize the messages to your client base. Always remember that a successful email campaign generates more revenue for your business.

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Use Mass Email Marketing Software for Getting Instant Results

Mass Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of the top most digital marketing strategies available for the businesses running online. It provides an efficient and simple way to achieve desired marketing targets. Through the use of mass email marketing software your promotional messages are delivered to customers. It also helps in developing relationship with the customers by customizing your email communication.

In fact, it is the best and economical way to send your business messages to customers or public segment via email. It is used to persuade customers for obtaining high client relationship values.  By using a mass email service, you can target particular public domain or segments that may be paying attention to your products or services.

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5 Essential Elements To Make Your Email Campaign Successful

Email Campaign Email marketing is an explicit kind of marketing which stays in contact with the receiver through e- mail. Far more than just delivering e-mails, a successful e-mail marketing campaign requires to be completely managed, planned and traced from beginning to end. There are many attributes to manage a successful marketing campaign and each must be looked at and given special deliberation in order to make it a big success.

To make your email campaign successful, there are some essential elements to think about and implement.

1. Creating your mailing list is one of the most significant elements to consider. It may sound apparent, but for a good promotional campaign, you must have a strong email list. There are many organizations you can buy these from, or you can make your own. It is by far more useful to gather your own data as you know how the leads have been produced; you also know that you are the only one with this exclusive list. As you go ahead in business you can create a mailing list from different queries you will be receiving. You can also build a free tips providing guide online for the purpose of gathering data information.
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5 Ways To Create Email Campaign

best email marketingIf you want to endorse your online business, then you should consider email marketing as your promotional medium. Various business owners overlook this technique of marketing as they think that all e-mail campaigns are scam. This is in fact not true because through using e-mail marketing you can keep your products and services in front of people without any difficulty. There is also a surety that you may get a great deal.

A fully planned email campaign will help you to continually stay in contact with your customers and provides you with a great opportunity to improve your relations as well as business. This is a useful and cost-effective medium for producing revenue, enticing new customers as well as retaining the previous ones. It is advantageous as it enables a business to get in touch with an intended customer. Be well-organized as well as focused in order to make maximum profit for a business venture.

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How to energize your email campaign?

Every marketer needs a competitive edge in today’s marketplace and e-mail marketing is a proven and dependable way to attract new customers and generate more profits. As with any kind of marketing, email marketing involves a lot of time and effort to make sure it is working efficiently. There are many types of e-mail marketing such as sending out regular newsletters, marketing e-mails, running marketing email campaign and product’s latest news.mass email service

Irrespective of which kind of email marketing you use, one essential thing you must do is constantly assess the efficiency of your email campaign. Do not allow your e-mail marketing to stale. You must keep it energetic, fresh and engaged.

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7 Tips on Creating Perfect Marketing Emails

bulk mailingA perfect marketing email is created in a way that will stop readers in their paths and involve them to take steps with you. Imagine when you go through an e-mail. Do you comprehend every single word or do you likely scan it? Similar to most readers when it comes to unknown e-mails, you will likely to scan. This is what you need to remember when creating the email.

Emails are useful, effective and economical ways to stay in touch with your customers, i.e. informing them of latest deals, promotions and company information. Mainly, there is a huge difference between spam emails and effective marketing e-mails. Spam uses coerce marketing strategy where you send thousands of emails to customers, trying to get a few responses.

In disparity, an effective e-mail targets an audience with whom you already have a connection, the email is predictable, and with a good email advertising campaign, voluntarily welcomed.

Here are just a few essential tips which will help you in creating a magnificent email with a marketing note.

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Attractive Ways to collect the data For Your Email Campaign

Email campaignFor email marketing service the most difficult task is to get the list of subscribers for the first email campaign. This article will help you in getting the list of subscribers for your first email campaign.

Prior advertising your business the first thing you can do is to create something unique or innovative so that every visitor fascinate towards it, you can create video, article, mp3 file, etc. The only thing you have to keep in mind while creating is that it should be related to your product or services. You may find creating a video or mp3 pretty much difficult but creating an eBook and article is quite easy. With the help of MS Word you can create it easily. Eventually you are required to convert that eBook into the PDF format remember to grab the attention that eBook should be minimum ten pages.

After creating the useful eBook or video now you want visitors to convert into subscribers for your email campaign. Now you need some kind of description or information about your video or eBook in order to get their email address.

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