5 Reasons Your Emails Get Rejected

There are numerous ways of marketing that can be used for our small and medium-sized businesses. One of the most effective tools is Email. It is not just highly expensive but is readily available. Your emails should be helping in building trust and sales growth. Often, the use of mass email marketing tools is getting the attention of marketers as it is the most appropriate way to market your brand. However, research shows that there are 3 times more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook.


A common problem with sending emails is its refusal. There’s nothing more regrettable than to check your messages just to locate that annoying email from the previous evening to get back into your inbox for a second round. Check out 5 common reasons emails fail to perform as hoped by email marketing companies.

1. Your Subject Line-

Your reader involvement with your mail begins before its opening with the subject line because subject line is your first impression. A great deal is riding on these 50 characters or less. Some classic subject line doesn’t includes ALL CAPS, excessive use commas, exclamation and of course mislead messages. The subject title “Warning “or “Re:” may get read but it won’t earn you customers.

2. You Content-

You should keep in mind that your content must be interesting, engaging, provoking ideas and solutions to retain people’s attention. The recipient finds time quickly to read your email. Therefore, a content must be short and up to the point. Provide a link to a page where the recipient will learn more.

3. You advertised a bigger, better, or cheaper version-

Don’t overstate your tallness in your web based dating profile, and don’t make false guarantees in your messages. Is it true that you are an auto dealership? I’m in the market for an auto! In any case, don’t assert your arrangements are “rare” in the event that you’ll be holding precisely the same one weekend from now.

What to do: You’re searching for a long relationship, not a one-night stand. There’s no compelling reason to publicize your difficulties, yet in the event that you highlight qualities you don’t generally have, your client will in the end discover.

4. You brought up money too soon-

Emails are not the medium to ask for a sale. Many of us read emails when we’re rushed, busy or waiting in line for order, which is why an email is a great platform to build customer relationships or to tell them about your product or deals. Try not to address your greed – address their requirements.

5. You over shared-

People are not interested to know how you’re remodeling your building or how your company has thrown a celebration on its first anniversary. Save these kinds of updates on your social media pages or blogs. The email should be entertaining and interesting to people who aren’t invested 100% in your brand.

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Best Email Services For Successful Business Marketing

000_introDid you know? Rather than effective communication with your friends and family, an email can do promotion of products and services as well. This has been verified and proved. Many small and medium businesses are using this marketing tool and they are generating profit out of it. This type of marketing method is simple to adapt and the best part is that it is economical also. You can make your product attain a large number of internet users in a very short time and you do not require a huge advertising budget for that. For making this occur, you can take help from e-mail  service provider companies.

These organizations can provide you with a great help in making your email campaign a success. You can get assistance in running your own e-mail advertising programs. You can deliver marketing messages in a range of templates to a number of customers. These messages are in the variety of ways. These messages, converse in a professional language and are created for a specific type of customer. It is not ostentatious. These types of emails are bringing results because you know there are about billions of internet users around the world. More than ninety two percent of these users make use of it for checking e-mails. And, these users make e-mail marketing very much successful.

You can very well recognize the chance if you are using best email marketing services. You can cover the internet users of the whole world. You can deliver marketing messages to these users and once few of them click on that specific message, your product or services get recognized. This is how brand responsiveness occur due to an e-mail. A number of companies are opting for email marketing services, whether it is fashion industry, accounting industry, a software company, healthcare organization, a wealth management organization, customer product manufacturing company, technology vendor, publisher, etc.

If you have an internal record with direct mailing information, then you can practice e-mail marketing very simply. But,  if you do not have any realistic idea about how it can be done successfully, then you can take help from mailing companies. These companies can give suggestions related to creating e-mail text, heading and also copy in an appealing format. These are reasonable, result-oriented and apparent tools of marketing. Any such organization would get you prepared for initiating your campaign. It will upload the mailing list for you and also integrate the whole campaign.

In fact, mass email marketing services can also offer you web-based checking and reporting system. You can assess the effectiveness and return on investment of your email ad campaigns and you can also make alterations in your campaign if you want. Thus, you should make the campaign as per your preference and obtain results.

By using this service, almost every type of business email marketing can create wonders. Due to its efficiency, a majority of small and large businesses are using email as their key channel of marketing. It can be made more advantageous with a list of the target customers, which is known as an opt-in e-mail marketing campaign. Therefore, you should opt for email marketing services.

Verify Email Address For Your Business Benefits

images (2)1Online communication is very significant for individual use and business purpose. Among the many procedures or methods of delivering messages online, email is undeniably the most imperative. Businesses all over the world use this method of communication to stay in contact with their employees and customers. This process of delivering messages online is inexpensive and quick without negotiating the quality of information. This is also proper for the day-to-day communication as anybody can deliver anything without any difficulty. But, staying in touch with somebody for the initial time, business or individual use, is not that simple online. You send out a message to somebody that may not be obtained. Why? Because even though you verify email address in the past, there are conditions wherein the particular account may no more work once you deliver the message.

As the process of developing an email is so voluntarily available on the Internet this makes it tricky for businesses to identify a bogus email id from one that is dynamic and genuine. In addition, trustworthy businesses choose to take the time to verify messages with email address checker before creating constant communications with their prospective customers to ignore being accused of spam.

For businesses, the following are the main causes why a person cannot obtain the message even when they had verified the email id in the past: no more associated with the company, changed the email account, the company itself stopped, the server does not work properly.

The causes specified rarely send an update to the dispatcher stating the account no more survives. This can have a big impact for businesses as the deliverer would consider that the detail gone through. In summary, there is a failure of communications because both the parties were not successful in interchanging ideas. Whenever communication does not succeed in businesses, money and resources get wasted. There are even times wherein a business undergoes significant losses easily because a message was not obtained. Although financial losses are not always the consequence when the message is not received in an individual setting, it could still spoil relationships.

Providentially, an easy solution subsists online. You can find out the best email marketing service to verify email addresses. Many websites give this type of help and this online help is given for free. One of those sites that can help you in checking e-mail address is the site called http://www.alphasandesh.com/emailverifier.php. It is a simple website that instantly asks for an email contact. This site will then seek to access the mail server to validate if it is present. They give a step-by-step method to authenticate e-mail address so that you will be provided with complete information on the effectiveness of the account.

Thus, email verification services help you find out all these potential problems and make sure that each and every email that gets delivered is no less than going to end up in a valid Inbox of a customer and thus obtaining the latest news and detail about your new products, services or unique offers.