5 Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile Devices


Today’s fast growing business culture is more fluid and mobile use is so high than ever before, and as a result, a large number of emails get checked by the peoples on a mobile device or tablet. According to the survey conducted by the Radicati Group estimates that by 2016 over 730 million accounts will be accessed from mobile phones. It makes sure your mass email marketing correspondence can easily be seen on every smart device.

From our newly update mobile email marketing blog, we are sharing 5 tips that you can use to ensure that your sent emails are optimized for all smart phones:

1) Keep your subject lines short.

You have small display area on a mobile and you want to make a great subject line that has the maximum impact on users. Despite to small space make your subject is of 15 characters or under. And try to provide relevant and useful information should be conveyed in the first half so that your reader will more excited to open your emails.

2) Always check and edit the text version of your email.

You need your recipient to see your email regardless of what gadget they are on. Although some cell phones can read an HTML email, you need to ensure you consider every contingency for those that can just read content. You can do this by double checking your content text. In Marketo and most showcasing mechanization applications, you are given both content and an HTML email. Just go into the content form and alter it so all links are clear and that pictures are replaced with text.

3) Keep your body content concise.

This way is much as good as rule of thumb for all B2B email marketing services communication and email deliverability, but even more right for mobile emails. If they found continuously scroll through the message to get the relevant content, they will stop reading that email. Try to give necessary information at the starting front with bullets, which are better to break the content.

4) Limit your design and pay attention to size.

All bulk email marketing companies must ensure that emails are viewable on phones and iPads. A good size is to stay between 500-600px wide. Remember some mobiles like Blackberry have a more limited display at 320px wide.

An email marketer should pay attention to the amount of graphics in the mail. However, users find links or blank space on the graphics and they may have a chance of deleting the message before reading.

5) Make your call to actions clear!

Mobile emails are shorter and have limited design. So, it is necessary for every email marketing software to keep your call to action feature and it is very easy to follow. Another good way is to remove Flash, Pop-ups, and JavaScript from the landing page that has a better chance of translating everything properly.

As you know, some people access their email accounts from their devices and tablets. Keep this thing in mind when designing any emails. Check out our more blogs on the bulk email marketing solution to find out more!


Direct Mail Marketing Or Email – What To Choose?

download0When it comes to endorse your business, there are many alternatives you can take benefit of such as using opt-in e-mail marketing and direct mail marketing. Both alternatives have their pros and cons, but with the current Internet growth e-mail appears to be more resourceful in sending  a marketing message across the world. It is also the best method to produce sales and leads and can help look forward to the requirements of your prospective and devoted customers. In this article, we would compare the above stated types of promotion – direct mail and email.

Direct Mail Marketing Benefits

It is not deceased and still a powerful mass email marketing method. One of the best things about it is that it has the capability of getting your message into the hands of your subscribers.

1. There are several people who still do not use e-mail. Additionally, the truth that people will most probably expend more time going through a postcard or letter than they will through an e-mail. Having a beautiful postcard or envelope into the receiver’s hand can be a prevailing tool. Thus, you have to make your piece be noticeable from the rest, and they will definitely go through your message.

2. If you are not intending the right audience, you will be spoiling your time and money. Delivering marketing materials using direct mail marketing to explicit people at explicit addresses will make your costs way down, and very much improve your possibilities of producing a sale.

3. Creating a mail list, and planning astounding marketing materials to deliver, takes time, consideration, and money. But, as a business owner, you must always be adding up and increasing your mail list and advertising materials.

Email Marketing Benefits

E-mail marketing is incredible, low-priced, fast, and simple to employ, but it will not be taking place of direct mail for a very long time. One of the amazing things about e-mail is that it is traceable. The information can be used to study open rates, click through, and conversion rates. All of this information can help you adjust the content and message of your email.

1. You can simply create an e-mail list. But, getting email contacts from anybody beyond your present customers can be very time-wasting. But, ultimately you will create a bigger list. Then, you will need an email marketing service provider company to deal with and deliver your messages. Many of these organizations have a free email marketing plan as well to manage up to a definite number of addresses.

2. When your emails are intended and arranged, you can deliver mass emails in a few moments. Your receivers will begin unfolding your email message a few minutes later than you delivered it. You will begin to get clicks on your website after a few minutes.

3. Giving links of your products or services make an e-mail very suitable for the receivers. Links permit them to promptly identify with what your e-mail is attempting to sell them. This pace is one of the major causes many businesses go for email marketing.

At last, do not get afraid to use both of these methods at the similar time. In fact, direct mail may work definitely for some of your prospective and present customers. E-mails may work even better than direct mail if you need fast results. Every method has quite a few similarities, and a number of important differences. You will have to make a decision which one, or both, are suitable for your business. The truth of the situation is that direct mail and email are an ideal combination for each other. And, if they are used together, then they can act as a powerful tool to be used in your marketing plan.

Email Advertising or Direct Mail Marketing- Which One Is Better?

Email advertisingIf you are starting a new small or a large business refining your marketing mix, a general question comes before you: Email Advertising or Direct Mail Marketing? Perhaps you have used one continuously throughout the years, but still looking for a path to get in touch with more people. Maybe you have only funds for e-mail or direct marketing – which one will you select.

When it comes to endorsing your business, there are different options you can benefit from such as making use of opt-in e-mails and sending direct mails. Both alternatives have their positives and negatives, but with the recent development in the internet age, e-mail marketing appears to be more proficient in getting a promotional message across. It is also a great way to produce sales and leads and may help in knowing the requirements of your prospective clients and dedicated customers. Though, sending direct mail is also considered a dependable way to reach an intended audience.

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