5 Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile Devices


Today’s fast growing business culture is more fluid and mobile use is so high than ever before, and as a result, a large number of emails get checked by the peoples on a mobile device or tablet. According to the survey conducted by the Radicati Group estimates that by 2016 over 730 million accounts will be accessed from mobile phones. It makes sure your mass email marketing correspondence can easily be seen on every smart device.

From our newly update mobile email marketing blog, we are sharing 5 tips that you can use to ensure that your sent emails are optimized for all smart phones:

1) Keep your subject lines short.

You have small display area on a mobile and you want to make a great subject line that has the maximum impact on users. Despite to small space make your subject is of 15 characters or under. And try to provide relevant and useful information should be conveyed in the first half so that your reader will more excited to open your emails.

2) Always check and edit the text version of your email.

You need your recipient to see your email regardless of what gadget they are on. Although some cell phones can read an HTML email, you need to ensure you consider every contingency for those that can just read content. You can do this by double checking your content text. In Marketo and most showcasing mechanization applications, you are given both content and an HTML email. Just go into the content form and alter it so all links are clear and that pictures are replaced with text.

3) Keep your body content concise.

This way is much as good as rule of thumb for all B2B email marketing services communication and email deliverability, but even more right for mobile emails. If they found continuously scroll through the message to get the relevant content, they will stop reading that email. Try to give necessary information at the starting front with bullets, which are better to break the content.

4) Limit your design and pay attention to size.

All bulk email marketing companies must ensure that emails are viewable on phones and iPads. A good size is to stay between 500-600px wide. Remember some mobiles like Blackberry have a more limited display at 320px wide.

An email marketer should pay attention to the amount of graphics in the mail. However, users find links or blank space on the graphics and they may have a chance of deleting the message before reading.

5) Make your call to actions clear!

Mobile emails are shorter and have limited design. So, it is necessary for every email marketing software to keep your call to action feature and it is very easy to follow. Another good way is to remove Flash, Pop-ups, and JavaScript from the landing page that has a better chance of translating everything properly.

As you know, some people access their email accounts from their devices and tablets. Keep this thing in mind when designing any emails. Check out our more blogs on the bulk email marketing solution to find out more!


Things Needed To Run A Successful Email Advertising Campaign

email-advertisingEmail marketing is one of the most generally used marketing methods by many online businesses to endorse their products or services worldwide. However, the thing of prime importance is how to create a successful email campaign to get higher business revenues. There are various methods by which one can fulfill his business needs, but still some of the businessmen have a tough time running an appropriate e-mailing campaign. Here are some essential things that are needed to run a flourishing email advertising campaign.

1. Use the most consistent & popular e-mail software
An e-mail software involves a time-efficient and economical method of online marketing by giving web visitors a chance to get valuable promos. Actually, the emails are targeted only to a definite group of customers and thus, are of high quality.
bulk email marketing software is very simple to use as they come with easy to use functions. Out of the different choices present, one must depend on the one that comes with complicated yet simple features and effective functionality. Speed of delivery and restrictions in the number of email receivers are some of the things that may reinforce your choice of software.

2. Gather email ids
Email ids or contacts are the most significant entities in e-mail promotion. Although you have a great campaign, but being deficient in email supply will be responsible for your campaign failure. So, collect valuable contacts from trustworthy resources; for example, you can also buy an email list from different sources.

3. Create short but effective emails
It is notable that most of the web users are not fine readers. Hence, your email marketing companies must go around some methods to attract such types of email users. Specific and concise information with eye-catchy images and interactive video would make the great email body, which most of the users would actually find appealing.

4. Promote discounts, offers through emails
It is quite apparent to get attracted towards the words such as ‘sale’, ‘discount’, ‘offer’ and reward, so why not to promote these products through emails, which will obtain significant user interest. Audiences always search for freebies and discount coupons that they could use in one or different way. By marketing such products and giving special offers to your subscribers, you would definitely get the increased number of recurring customers.

5. Give essential updates & information
As an alternative of simply delivering tiresome content, give helpful information in the form of unique updates and the latest products to the audiences so that they can stay connected to your brand and choose to visit you frequently.

So, these are some important things that are needed for an effective email advertising campaign. I hope that you would implement these things in your campaign and generate higher business revenues.


Email Advertising or Direct Mail Marketing- Which One Is Better?

Email advertisingIf you are starting a new small or a large business refining your marketing mix, a general question comes before you: Email Advertising or Direct Mail Marketing? Perhaps you have used one continuously throughout the years, but still looking for a path to get in touch with more people. Maybe you have only funds for e-mail or direct marketing – which one will you select.

When it comes to endorsing your business, there are different options you can benefit from such as making use of opt-in e-mails and sending direct mails. Both alternatives have their positives and negatives, but with the recent development in the internet age, e-mail marketing appears to be more proficient in getting a promotional message across. It is also a great way to produce sales and leads and may help in knowing the requirements of your prospective clients and dedicated customers. Though, sending direct mail is also considered a dependable way to reach an intended audience.

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How to send emails using bulk email marketing methods

mass email serverOnline market has allowed business owners to endorse their products or services more easily and efficiently than never before. All this is possible by means of e-mail. Conventional marketing methods still work, but email allows you reach out a million people around the globe at the lowest cost feasible.

Generally people refer to bulk e-mails as unsolicited or junk e-mails, because the term bulk leads to unwanted mass e-mails. If your e-mail marketing job is done right, the term bulk email is synonym to an advertising e-mail. Never send these e-mails to people who are probably not at all interested in your offer. When you send bulk email marketing campaign, ensure your messages do not infringe the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of e-mail or internet service providers.

Email advertising is the best choice for all kinds of businesses with a limited budget. As there is no time limit for e-mail, you can send e-mails in bulk to your customers within seconds at any time without wasting much of your resources on it. By making use of bulk email marketing you can promote your products or services on a global scale, which just enhances your business potential.

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Roles That Your Email Marketing Tools Must Perform

Email Marketing Tools Making successful online business is not an easy task, it is very important that you put as much effort into your selection of email marketing tools as you made into your website design. Your choice of tools must help you reinforce the efficiency of your communications with customers and prospects, through the use of automatic systems. Finally, using the right set of tools at your clearance can send your business to higher levels of

efficiency, while improving the overall productivity at the same time.

It is a latest trend because many business owners are changing the leads into sales by this marketing medium. No doubt that e-mail marketing has made the things much simpler, but there are various tools that are adding more benefit to it. To make the best use of it you have to send the messages to the intended customers.

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5 Essential Elements To Make Your Email Campaign Successful

Email Campaign Email marketing is an explicit kind of marketing which stays in contact with the receiver through e- mail. Far more than just delivering e-mails, a successful e-mail marketing campaign requires to be completely managed, planned and traced from beginning to end. There are many attributes to manage a successful marketing campaign and each must be looked at and given special deliberation in order to make it a big success.

To make your email campaign successful, there are some essential elements to think about and implement.

1. Creating your mailing list is one of the most significant elements to consider. It may sound apparent, but for a good promotional campaign, you must have a strong email list. There are many organizations you can buy these from, or you can make your own. It is by far more useful to gather your own data as you know how the leads have been produced; you also know that you are the only one with this exclusive list. As you go ahead in business you can create a mailing list from different queries you will be receiving. You can also build a free tips providing guide online for the purpose of gathering data information.
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Mass Email Advertising Strategies and Its Benefits over Other Marketing Methods

Mass Email Advertising StrategiesMass Email Advertising Strategies

This is an article for email marketing advertising strategies and benefits of mass email marketing methods. As we know there are different techniques involved in internet marketing, and we must find the best suitable technique that fits for our business models. It is very important to take a decision of using an email marketing campaign as soon as possible. To start a mass mailing campaign we will need fewer things ready in our list. Like email server with its own IP should not be blacklisted, List of email  ids of potential clients, email marketing software’s, email services that use auto responder system and able to generate forms for clients to fill out. We can use these forms on our websites, newsletters or for any other kind of email marketing campaign.

The real key to success in e-mail marketing is to get signed up forms from potential and targeted consumers and visitors which ensure long term success of your email campaigns. It means if you are selling footwear you want ids of those peoples that are interested in buying footwear into your list.

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Email Advertising- A Profitable Approach to Grow Your Business

Email Advertising- A Profitable Approach to Grow Your Business

Email Advertising- A Profitable Approach to Grow Your Business

Nowadays, methods of marketing has been changed to a large extent and with it the look of advertising and promotion also. Online shopping is the recent buzzword. People usually visit website of different products and purchase products. The latest trend of online marketing has changed the trend

of promotion also. One kind of marketing technique, which is becoming most popular these days, is email advertising. It allows the marketer to send highly targeted emails to the different audiences and precisely track and evaluate response.

This marketing tool is used as an advertisement tool to market the business of a company over the internet. This type of promotional method allows the marketer to get to the customers across geological restrictions. This tractability broadens the client base of an organization. It improves the market share of your company. This produces more profit and gets business for an organization.

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5 Awesome Email Marketing Strategies To Retain Customers


Almost every business person email marketing serverunderstands that it costs far more to gain a new customer than it does to sustain a present one. However, with all the effort and cost that goes into bringing new customers, you must make sure that your business has methods and strategies in place to retain them.

Customer retention and attractive emails will have various similar practices to other email campaign. Here, the significant thing is how to retain the customers you have already acquired to carry on buying your products and services through your website and you can only attain this when you send the accurate content to the right audience.

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7 Tips on Creating Perfect Marketing Emails

bulk mailingA perfect marketing email is created in a way that will stop readers in their paths and involve them to take steps with you. Imagine when you go through an e-mail. Do you comprehend every single word or do you likely scan it? Similar to most readers when it comes to unknown e-mails, you will likely to scan. This is what you need to remember when creating the email.

Emails are useful, effective and economical ways to stay in touch with your customers, i.e. informing them of latest deals, promotions and company information. Mainly, there is a huge difference between spam emails and effective marketing e-mails. Spam uses coerce marketing strategy where you send thousands of emails to customers, trying to get a few responses.

In disparity, an effective e-mail targets an audience with whom you already have a connection, the email is predictable, and with a good email advertising campaign, voluntarily welcomed.

Here are just a few essential tips which will help you in creating a magnificent email with a marketing note.

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