4 global trends Email marketers require staying on top of in 2017

As we pass from one year to the next, the heart of (email) marketing continues to be the same. It is about rendering customer-centric practices. For email experiences, this is the mantra of right message, right person, right time. The closer you get to this the better the outcomes each year. This is simple to say but has been astonishingly hard to deliver. Broadcast email has been so useful because of the high cost and limited accuracy of solutions to get the right message, right time and the right person. That’s breaking, but don’t drain your broadcast activity just yet.


Trend 1 – Targeting

The best brands will be seizing behaviour across channels using it to enhance customer targeting. The channels in which a brand’s customers are active is brand particular, but in most cases, that means email clicks, App activity, website browsing, mobile, telesales and purchase behaviours.

Catching user interests with preference centres is dead in all but a few specific cases, or used as a last channel recovery attempt as part of an unsubscribe opt-down. Email marketing companies not using behaviour in 2017 will be turning into brands stuck in the past.

Trend 2 – Automation

Rather than shifting to automation, brands should be supplementing current email activity and merging in automation programs to complete the broadcast activity.

In fact, many of the brands already have components of automation incorporated into their email marketing software  and they will be adding to this in 2017. But due to natural limitations in email automation, nobody should be considered stopping the use of using any broadcast.

The best trigger points for automation are those which show high intention for conversion and happen with right frequency. For example, someone adding a product or commodity to their wish list could be an excellent trigger point, but if your customer base almost never does that then such a trigger point has a very little value.

Trend 3 – Data regulation and privacy

It’s clear that regulation is going in a single direction only, worldwide. Permission is becoming stricter; what marketers can do with data is going to be more tightly regulated in coming days.

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is agreed. We can soon expect to see privacy regulation changes too, as it needs to continue in step with data protection.

The ICO has validated that GDPR will be adopted, as implementation is needed before the Brexit timetable. Even after a Brexit has been achieved any brands marketing into the EU will need to follow GDPR. The long term worst case for brands could be following GDPR for EU residents and different regulations for the UK.

Trend 4 – Email creatives

A few brands have experimented with pushing the envelope of email design, such as making hamburger menus, carousel type elements,  and interactive features in their emails. Often they are called interactive emails.

However, it’s far from clear whether this is really a good thing. Some of the design innovations in 2016 are doubtful in value. There are clever designs that make it difficult to access content by needing extra clicks to see all content, whereas a simple linear design showing all with scrolling would be better.

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Important Email Marketing Rules You Cannot Ignore

email-marketing-rulesEmail marketing is one of the most direct and successful form of online marketing for various small and large businesses. But, your email marketing can create problems if you overlook these email marketing rules.

1. Do not send emails without permission
Real email marketing only intends people who have provided with their permission to get emails from a business. Emails delivered to people who have not asked for information that is not upto the mark become spam email.

2. Provide something valuable for free
Provide something valuable for free in return for someone’s email id. It requires to be suitable to your business and can anything from a PDF report to a video tutorial.

3. Send a thank you email
Deliver a thank you email when someone opts-in to your list. If you are assured of getting a free download, ensure that you give the link in the primary email.

4. Always give value
Every time you run an email marketing campaign, you have to consider how the content will benefit your recipients. They did not sign up to your website just so that you could constantly try to sell them products.

5. Make your opt-out page simple
If your recipient decides that they no more want to receive emails from you, permit them to simply opt-out. If you make it hard they may mark you as spam.

6. Is your subject line attractive?
Your email subject line is like the heading of an ad and will make the reader to open it. Be creative with your email subject line, but do not make improbable claims to deceit your recipient into opening the email.

7. Stay consistent
It is always a question knowing how frequently to send emails. If you do not send daily emails, your subscribers will ignore you, but if you deliver too frequently, they will feel disgusted. The key is to deliver emails in a coherent way and stick with it rather haphazardly delivering with no plan or agenda.

8. Know your audience
The more that you know your readers, the more you will be capable of adjusting your content to match them. If you do not understand what they want, then ask them!

9. Keep your email list confidential
Add a privacy policy that allows subscribers to know that you will secure their data and only deliver them details that is pertinent to what they requested for.

10. Use the best email marketing software
Email marketing software can get the email details of your customers and deliver information back to them quickly. It can deal with various customer lists and deliver different messages, keeping record of to whom you send it to, what the email subject line was, the text of the email, open rates, click-through rates and how many earlier messages you have delivered.

So, following the above email marketing companies will definitely help with your campaigns and increase your revenues.

Email Marketing Software- A Beneficial Method For Business Promotion

email-marketing-softwareAn emailing software and business go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, most emailing software are made for businesses: The price of this software is minimum. Making, sending and tracking an email take fractions of seconds out of your busy schedule. And, without any prior experience, you get efficiently designed email campaigns. What it means is that using an email marketing software will help you keep in touch with significant contacts and increase your customer base, making you more profits even as the economy fluctuates.

This type of software companies also provide the use of their services free for some time. That is a big bonus during difficult economic conditions, as the chance to try before you buy means you will not at all waste money on a software that is not appropriate for you.

The best emailing software program is always user perceptive, which means making a professionally designed email marketing campaign is a very simple method that does not take more time at all. This software allow you to select from hundreds of email marketing templates, which are clearly organized by interest category and email mode. Then, it is simply a thing of uploading your images and cutting and pasting your content in the email artifact wizard. You now have a personalized and professional emailing software campaign that is all set to send.

An effective mass email marketing software offers personalization, campaign tracking, email auto responders and advanced email list selection. This software is the main marketing tool in managing online business. The best emailing software develops the finest quality email campaigns, mass mailers, email address wizards, email verifiers, email list administrators and different bulk emailing software. It helps in making personalized newsletters, as well as solo emailing.

This kind of software can help you understand your customers. Just when you did that market research and complex customer profiling tools were booked for big companies with big budgets, here comes this bang-up, simple to use and cost-effective online marketing tool. Emailing software is like a window into the actions, choices and behaviors of your clients and leads.

Approaching new customers can cost you a large amount of money. As your ad budget is now a portion of what it was, you can take benefit of an email marketing software to get new customers and see your revenues increase. Also, this software can help your business rise. It will help you save more money, increase your client base and enjoy the benefits of simple and affordable online marketing!


5 Step Process For Creating A Permission Email Marketing Campaign

permission-email-marketingThe target of all types of marketing is to draw interest in, create desire for, and produce sales of your products or services. Email marketing is an ideal method to pick up where other marketing fails. It is still one of the most economical methods to get in touch with customers. It is far cheaper than conventional methods and in various cases can have a much bigger impact on instant sales and long-term relationship than traditional marketing.

Permission bulk email marketing solution is only sending promotional emails to people who have explicitly given your company permission to stay in touch with them. Using permission marketing abstracts your emails from the mountains of unwanted emails that people get on a regular basis. This type of marketing also takes care of your emails from being obstructed by spam filters.

Here is a simple five-step process in putting a successful permission email marketing campaign in place. This process is described below.

1. Make use of a permission-based email marketing software that allows you to simply create email newsletters, involuntarily manage opt-ins, opt-outs, bounces, and check reporting statistics such as opens and click through rates.

2. Find out the kind and frequency of email communication you will be delivering. I suggest you to send at least one monthly newsletter. You can definitely send many newsletters if you sell different types of products or services. You can also deliver marketing messages providing a discount coupon for a product or service.

3. Insert a sign-up form to your website so you can begin to collect subscribers and import any current lists of subscribers that have already asked for your communications. It is usually also safe to import the names of anybody who has done business with you in the previous year, provided that you will be sending content appropriate to what they bought.

4. Make a good email marketing template by using a template given within the software, having your in-house team to make one, or using the custom design services of the email marketing software.

5. Create quality and relevant content for your email newsletter or message and send it out to your email list. Carry on sending your email newsletters, product announcements, or promotions with concordant frequency. As your list increases, you will get increased traffic and if possible, increased sales on the day following an email delivery.

Thus, by following these 5 step process for permission mass email marketing, you will definitely get desired results.

Use Bulk Email Service For Generating Maximum Business Profit

bulk_emailIf your organization has made a new product, then you are required to start a successful advertising campaign so that you can market that product to a large number of people in very less time. Online marketing techniques have been adopted as an imperative tool to grow any company. As a newcomer, you can find help from any prominent email service provider who offers bulk email service in India as well as other parts of the world.

Before starting your email marketing campaign, you must follow some tips to make sure that the emails are sent to the recipient’s inbox on time. Some of these tips are: Arrange the list of all email ids to which you are going to deliver marketing emails. Always update this list at specific intervals so that customers who are involved in your product are not getting devoid of emails.

You can frame your emails with text and graphics which highlight key attributes & specifications of the product. Also, you can design images and templates to grasp interest of the readers.

Always add opt-out option at the end of your email so that those who are not involved should not obtain your bulk emails. If you get on to do so, then they would treat it as spam and ignore the mail or simply remove it without going through it.

You have to purchase an email marketing software from any trustworthy company which assures that millions of emails can be sent at a single point of time. For this, you should talk to renowned companies that offer bulk mailing services in India and outside the world and help you in getting increased response rate therefore ignoring the chances of spam mails.

It is a difficult task to begin a new business and explore it among the customers all over the world. You are required to increase the reach among maximum number of present and potential customers and develop reputation in the market. So, online marketing venture requires using result-oriented emailing services that help organizations to improve profit and reach heights in a very less time.

The bulk email service helps the business owner to a large extent to run surveys amongst their intended market as well as providing these people with significant detail about the business, products or services. Online marketers who are making use of these types of services will be able to check a variety of subject lines for their emails to see which subject lines get major attention from the intended audience. Checking subject lines will give a business owner a better idea of what appears awesome to people who enable them to open their newsletter and this can help business holders to refine their websites to make them more appealing to customers as well.

Thus, with all these tips kept in mind, one can simply rely on bulk email marketing solution & service and get more sales when these emails get sent. Access the websites of distinguished service providers and start with your marketing campaign as fast as possible. Therefore, you can make a better corporate image among your customers and increase your sales in this competing market.


Email Marketing Software- A Tool For Improving Online Business

email-marketing-softwareAs today’s users are going online for searching any product or services and due to rapid growth in the trend of online shopping, each business owner is attempting to be there and grab those prospective customers. The issue they may face is that the users have abundance of choices available on the internet. So, what to do to attract them first?

Online marketing is a completely different game where sometimes small business owners can defeat smart larger ones if they plan their campaign appropriately. How can you do that? One facet out of various is email marketing. Email marketing is still regarded as one of the economical and most successful online marketing techniques.

Email marketing for some business holders is a no alternative; the main reason is not email marketing though, the reason is quite simple. These business holders have no persuasion what to do to run an email marketing campaign. They consider using a software to send emails to a large number of people in bulk. Definitely, it will be a success.

Also, email marketing software mixed with an appropriate email marketing strategy would mean a great success. You have to find a good emailing software which can provide you with what you require apart from speed that any software will do. The emailing software you want to buy should be capable of monitoring your projects and customer activities. It should be able to give you buyer data points.

Such data points will help you in future to have an absolute profile of customers and you can concentrate on individual customers also once you have their data points. A good email marketing software should be capable of doing that for you.

These types of software should be able to make contact sets, should support HTML language, should allow you to design and make emails and must have the facility to deliver test emails. This will allow you to send emails to some email accounts to see how they appear like. One more feature that you might want in your emailing software is that it should be managed with an email tracking software as well. This can also help you determine your success.

Therefore, a user-friendly, permanent and standalone email marketing software with all the significant attributes you need will be able to help you with your email advertising campaign.


Strategies To Increase Your Business Exposure Through Email Marketing

email marketing strategyThe email, which is supercharged by the internet, has exterminated geographical boundaries and thereby transformed the way people interact worldwide. It is now probable to send information to anybody, in any corner of the world and at any time. Due to its cost effectiveness, fantastic speed and the capability of reaching towards people living in different countries of the world, the email has been explored as a significant business promotion tool.

Email marketing helps you get across information about your product or service to your target market. It has multiple purpose and this tool can be used to enhance relationships with present as well as prospective customers. In addition, it can also be used to bring in new customers for your business; and people who have previously shown interest in your products or services. This type is as good as newspaper and TV advertisements; in fact, it is best because you can reach your customers immediately. It delivers a marketing message to all the people on your email list. The message could be created as a letter or could involve a combination of images and text.

It is normal to wonder how a business can get the email ids of its target customers. It does so by means of website sign ups, service subscriptions, and referral programs. For instance, if you ever shop at an online store, you are asked to make a free account on a particular site before you can go on with your purchase. Additionally, to your first and last name, you are asked to give your email id. You do not remember the store after the order is shipped to you, but they don’t. They save your contact detail to their list and remind you about the available offers. Whenever they have a new product, service or offer that attracts you, they will notify you.

If we begin to evaluate the pros and cons of this marketing strategy, there are various reasons why business enterprises should work with this system. Initially, it is affordable. It reduces your printing and postage costs. You might have to install email marketing software or you may have to expend by way of hiring a professional to create and design your ad.

Email marketing allows a business house to send bulk emails at the click of mouse. This saves time and improves suitability.

Online marketers use software to deal with the task of delivering bulk emails to all the people on their list. This software also allows business owners to check what happens to your message after it has been sent to your recipient’s inbox. It is feasible to check the status of the message by means of links added in the email. This information can help business owners reassess their marketing strategies and make them more successful. At last, you can go through some more email marketing strategies, which will certainly help you get more business exposure and revenue.

Things To Know About Email Marketing Software

email-marketing-softwareIn email marketing, the role of email marketing software is essential. It is a technology that has been developed in current years in response to the increasing demand for e-mail marketing to market business products or services.

It is made to deliver mass emails fast and safely. If you are trying to send emails on a large number of customers or more, then you may have issues with your service provider blocking your emails or classifying them as spam, but with the help of a software, you can be quite sure that your emails will be received properly. As the software is designed explicitly for marketing, it also includes an opt-out option for recipients to abide by regulations and a function to manage bounces and defunct email ids.

For the design attributes of your emails there is a range of email marketing templates that you can select from if you are not familiar with html language, and you can include your own links and images to make a unique and professional look to attract the people. There are many email marketing services that allow you to manage your email lists online and you can also follow the success of your campaigns using the attributes that produce the open and click through rates of your emails. Although the software is not a completely free service it is still affordable and most of the websites will let you create an account for free.

If you are already using email as part of your extensive marketing tactic, you will already be aware of the advantages it can have, but what about using email marketing software to further improve your email campaign? As the software is very affordable to use; emails generally work out charging less than a penny each because it is incredibly low cost in comparison to direct mail.

The email marketing software is designed to be used by anybody, so remains easy to get to and easy to operate. It is fast and easy to edit the designs so you will certainly save time when it comes to putting together your email marketing campaign. Additionally, you will save time in managing your email lists as the service will involuntarily remove opt-outs or abandoned email ids.

The capability of checking the success of your campaigns will give significant details to add to your marketing techniques and you will not have problems in delivering a large number of emails. Emails can also be easily customized and addressed specifically to every recipient, so you will probably see an increased responses and interests in your marketing campaigns.

How Email Marketing Software Is Essential In Business Promotion

email-marketing-softwareYour email marketing is something you certainly want to be successful after expending a huge amount of money on it. Email marketing software is one of the best tools made to help you update your campaigns and bring in new customers. However, in order to make it work effectively, you have to make sure that you capitalize on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Here are a few tips you can go through for making your email marketing effective:

1. Primarily, before you get into your software, ensure you have established goals for your business. You first have to find out what you want to get out of it before attempting to reach it. Additionally, ensure those goals are quantifiable. Make sure you find out what, particularly, you want to get out of your email campaign. Once you understand what you want to see, you should check you are implementing techniques that will allow you to attain those goals.

2. Your software should allow you to know who is not replying to your messages. Pay close attention to that reaction. Check the emails are really getting through and then attempt to tweak the message to push a few of those who are not responding. If you still don’t get anything from them, phase them out of your marketing software so that you are only sending emails to people who may reimburse for your product or service.

3. Ensure you do not use words in your emails that would result in your email being marked as SPAM. Words like free and porn will get your emails delivered to the recipients spam folders. So, change those words with words that means the same. So that they appear same to your readers.

4. By using marketing software, you can make sure you that email addresses that you verify are all correct. Check whether your subscribers email addresses are correct or not, so that you would not lose subscribers. When the software permits it, automate all the things you can, so that the campaign can take care of itself. Your target should be to set it up once and after that have it done involuntarily.

Thus, an email marketing software can be highly efficient if handled properly. Ensure you know what your aims are, how you are going to achieve them, and that you automate as much of the method as feasible. Keep the above things in mind and you will know that your marketing software will do the best job for you.

How Email Marketing Solutions Help You Reach Targeted Customers

email marketing solutionIn spite of whether you are an already established business or a beginner in the business world, you will certainly concur with the fact that the success or failure of any business is directly proportional to the amount of fulfillment of its customers. Thus, it is very important to reach targeted customers and make them responsive to the products or services you offer. When it comes to approaching your target audience, there are many ways, involving social media, newspapers, ads on TV or radio.

Even though, all the above stated methods are very much effective, there is no uncertainty that these are also highly luxurious and take maximum time. So, in order to keep your marketing budget well in place and gain maximum output, it is very important for all businesses to choose an effective and affordable method to reach its customers and make the correct impression. Out different ways, one of the most economical is email marketing.

Sending emails to the customers is the simplest and most affordable method to bring in them to your products, services, a new business enterprise or event. Indeed, it helps in making goodwill as each e-mail is made and delivered in a way that it makes the recipient feel that they are significant to your business and definitely you. However, in order to ensure that your message is reaching appropriate customers or not, it is essential to keep updated contact details of the customers. Gathering and updating details is a big task; thus, it is prudent that you use email marketing solutions that can help you stay updated and promote your business to appropriate customers at appropriate hours.

These service providers offer email marketing software that helps you deliver customized e-mails to a large number of potential and present customers straight away. Indeed, you also get other additional advantages like free templates, list management, etc. So that your message creates a good impression of your company. On the other hand, for creating the right impression, it is significant to choose a trustworthy service provider. There are various service providers present online that deal in email services, but for making the most of your advertising strategy, it is sensible that you choose it wisely.

Also, go through what previous and current customers have to say about the different email marketing solutions and choose the one only if you are totally satisfied with the reviews.