5 Effective Tricks to use links in Emails

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Essentially, the customer or business organizations really wanted to know how to use and when to put links in an email communication for better results. Here is what you should keep in mind for your links when designing emails for a mass email marketing process for lead nurturing:

1. The link should be simple to identify-s Once the email reader will click on his/her inbox the link should be identifiable by the font style and color. For example- Best Email Marketing Service

However, don’t say just click on the link after a paragraph and expect a visitor to open through. Instead of this link key phrases to know what a click on the link is going to render.

2. It’s Accuracy- As an email designer, you should not hyperlink a URL to a page that is a different link. Ensure that your URL clearly illustrates what the users want to see when they click.

3. Understand the devices being used- If your shooted email is going to be read on iPhones, Tablets or on the web, you might have links aplenty. In case, if people are opening emails on older phones or as text, you should not add so much links in the content as they may render the full URL in the email, which often takes email space.

 4. Maintain Links Structure-

  • Contextual links- Use links that is highly relevant to the content at the top of the email, also linking to the appropriate pages or promotion. By placing such links at the top are likely to increase click in spite of hidden bottom links in the newsletter.
  • Bonus Reward Content Links- Bonus content links included offers outside of the contextual email. These links can be an offer in a banner or an invite to an expert for a seminar in a side navigation panel.
  • Permanent Links- It is always linked in your communications, like forward to a colleague, social media links and the unsubscribe located in the same area in each email marketing campaign so, that recipients don’t have to spend time in searching.

5. Links should go proper- Of course, mistakes can be easily made here. Before launching an email campaign find some time to check all links to ensure they work properly and they are going wherever the email copy describes.


Evaluate the Effectiveness of Email Content in these 4 Ways

Mass Email marketing is the best tool to generate and nurturing quality leads, engaging people through your sales funnel and everyone’s motive is to get business from the emails. So, that to see a return on their marketing investment, businesses are much serious about measuring the effectiveness of your email body text/content. If they do not want this email marketing analytics, they won’t know what your market wants?


You likely continue to send emails and blindly hoping for opens! So, keep your eyes on four ways to figure out where to focus your efforts for high success in email marketing campaign.

  1. Try New Subject Lines

In every email, readers see subject lines on the top of the content. As such, your attractive subject lines tell about your open rate. Take a good look at them and worked well for future. Tell your writer to draft an email with two subject lines (A & B) so that you can split test them through A/B testing.

To keep subject lines fresh and readable, must keep these strategies in mind:

  • Use appropriate words aligned with your brand.
  • Some people like to see their own names or shout-outs to their city names.
  • Write only 30-50 words.
  • Don’t use copy subject line.
  1. Utilize More And More Anchor Text For Same Links

As your main motive is to get more visitors to your site, so to find out how well your email attract subscribers, you want the help of tracking click-through rates (CTR) for your links. An increase in the number of readers shows that your email content applicable and actionable.

Follow step by step approach-

  • A link to the same portion of website content more than once in a single email.
  • Take a use of many languages to describe each link and highlight those words with different font color, also called ‘’anchor text’’.

This is how you can do A/B test- anchor text to recognize which will urge readers to click.

  1. Track Engagement Rates Also

It’s good to measure how long someone is spending on your emails. Are people actually reading, or just opening or being served a preview from their inboxes? Immediately deleting them can definitely minimize your engagement rate less than two seconds.

A perfect email takes at least six to seven seconds to create a content impression in the reader’s mind.

  1. Don’t Test All Variables At One Time

Doing this, you won’t understand which changes worked best. Many email marketing services provider include these core metrics. Usually, they offer free service for small marketing programs that have less subscriber list. As your campaigns perform better, you’ll grow out of the free versions.


5 Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile Devices


Today’s fast growing business culture is more fluid and mobile use is so high than ever before, and as a result, a large number of emails get checked by the peoples on a mobile device or tablet. According to the survey conducted by the Radicati Group estimates that by 2016 over 730 million accounts will be accessed from mobile phones. It makes sure your mass email marketing correspondence can easily be seen on every smart device.

From our newly update mobile email marketing blog, we are sharing 5 tips that you can use to ensure that your sent emails are optimized for all smart phones:

1) Keep your subject lines short.

You have small display area on a mobile and you want to make a great subject line that has the maximum impact on users. Despite to small space make your subject is of 15 characters or under. And try to provide relevant and useful information should be conveyed in the first half so that your reader will more excited to open your emails.

2) Always check and edit the text version of your email.

You need your recipient to see your email regardless of what gadget they are on. Although some cell phones can read an HTML email, you need to ensure you consider every contingency for those that can just read content. You can do this by double checking your content text. In Marketo and most showcasing mechanization applications, you are given both content and an HTML email. Just go into the content form and alter it so all links are clear and that pictures are replaced with text.

3) Keep your body content concise.

This way is much as good as rule of thumb for all B2B email marketing services communication and email deliverability, but even more right for mobile emails. If they found continuously scroll through the message to get the relevant content, they will stop reading that email. Try to give necessary information at the starting front with bullets, which are better to break the content.

4) Limit your design and pay attention to size.

All bulk email marketing companies must ensure that emails are viewable on phones and iPads. A good size is to stay between 500-600px wide. Remember some mobiles like Blackberry have a more limited display at 320px wide.

An email marketer should pay attention to the amount of graphics in the mail. However, users find links or blank space on the graphics and they may have a chance of deleting the message before reading.

5) Make your call to actions clear!

Mobile emails are shorter and have limited design. So, it is necessary for every email marketing software to keep your call to action feature and it is very easy to follow. Another good way is to remove Flash, Pop-ups, and JavaScript from the landing page that has a better chance of translating everything properly.

As you know, some people access their email accounts from their devices and tablets. Keep this thing in mind when designing any emails. Check out our more blogs on the bulk email marketing solution to find out more!

5 Reasons Your Emails Get Rejected

There are numerous ways of marketing that can be used for our small and medium-sized businesses. One of the most effective tools is Email. It is not just highly expensive but is readily available. Your emails should be helping in building trust and sales growth. Often, the use of mass email marketing tools is getting the attention of marketers as it is the most appropriate way to market your brand. However, research shows that there are 3 times more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook.


A common problem with sending emails is its refusal. There’s nothing more regrettable than to check your messages just to locate that annoying email from the previous evening to get back into your inbox for a second round. Check out 5 common reasons emails fail to perform as hoped by email marketing companies.

1. Your Subject Line-

Your reader involvement with your mail begins before its opening with the subject line because subject line is your first impression. A great deal is riding on these 50 characters or less. Some classic subject line doesn’t includes ALL CAPS, excessive use commas, exclamation and of course mislead messages. The subject title “Warning “or “Re:” may get read but it won’t earn you customers.

2. You Content-

You should keep in mind that your content must be interesting, engaging, provoking ideas and solutions to retain people’s attention. The recipient finds time quickly to read your email. Therefore, a content must be short and up to the point. Provide a link to a page where the recipient will learn more.

3. You advertised a bigger, better, or cheaper version-

Don’t overstate your tallness in your web based dating profile, and don’t make false guarantees in your messages. Is it true that you are an auto dealership? I’m in the market for an auto! In any case, don’t assert your arrangements are “rare” in the event that you’ll be holding precisely the same one weekend from now.

What to do: You’re searching for a long relationship, not a one-night stand. There’s no compelling reason to publicize your difficulties, yet in the event that you highlight qualities you don’t generally have, your client will in the end discover.

4. You brought up money too soon-

Emails are not the medium to ask for a sale. Many of us read emails when we’re rushed, busy or waiting in line for order, which is why an email is a great platform to build customer relationships or to tell them about your product or deals. Try not to address your greed – address their requirements.

5. You over shared-

People are not interested to know how you’re remodeling your building or how your company has thrown a celebration on its first anniversary. Save these kinds of updates on your social media pages or blogs. The email should be entertaining and interesting to people who aren’t invested 100% in your brand.

If you want best email marketing service for your organization join your hands with AlphaSandesh! AlphaSandesh gives you world class bulk email marketing solution for all your requirements like promotion and sales.

Tips To Use Email Marketing To Develop Rapport And Increase Sales

email-marketingWhen we consider online marketing, we cannot go without mass email marketing. These days, email has become the most effective channel for communication online. If you understand how to make use of this method to create rapport with your customers, it can actually help increase your business.

In this article, we have discussed dos and don’ts of email marketing.

1. Be genuine to help your recipients. Do not attempt to sell your product or service in each email that you deliver. If you do this, nobody will go through your emails. So, be genuine and give helpful information that will help your recipients.

2. Do not send them emails each day. By delivering emails to your recipients every day, you will annoy them. This will make them see your emails as spam and they will not open your messages.

3. Do not use spam words like “free” in the subject header of your email message. This is because many mailing service providers will send your email to the spam folder if they discover spam words in your emails.

4. Do not talk to everybody with your emails. You should address your email marketing message to a targeted audience.

5. Do not address various topics in an individual email. Keep your emails simple and direct to the point. Talk about single topic and make it good.

Now, that we have gone through the things that you should not do with email advertising, let us move on to the things that you must do for successful email promotion:

1. Provide them with helpful information. You should give useful information in your emails that will solve the issues of your subscribers. If you want to suggest a product or service, ensure that your subscribers can get benefit of it.

2. Make your marketing emails personal. Stay genial and treat it as if you are communicating with a friend.

3. Try to learn how to develop expectation. Particularly before a product establishment, you should send your recipients a series of marketing emails to create the expectation. Do not offer it all away. This will make them expect your new product or service and you will enjoy a more successful product launch.

4. Add an email unsubscribe link at the base of your email. By giving an easy unsubscribe alternative to your recipients, you will obtain more trust in them.

Therefore, bulk email marketing services is definitely a successful method of marketing to increase your business. If you are not presently using this channel to promote your business, you should use it now.

Reasons Why Email Marketing Is The Best Option For Online Business

Email-marketingEmail is far and away the most strong type of online marketing there is. It allows you to link up, engross, and make a powerful relationship with your customers.

Successful email marketing begins with double opt-in, permission-based marketing, etc. Everybody on your list should have verified their subscription.

Whereas this may come out in fewer people providing you with their name and email the people that take the steps are showing they are involved in what you have to give. Creating a list in this way improves the list value.

Making use of a third-party mass email marketing service provider to keep your lists is highly suggested. Most service providers offer you a layer of protection for complaints from people who have reprocessed email ids, overlooked they subscribed, or whatever cause they choose to complain.

Here are a few reasons why you should use email in your marketing efforts:

1. You can make your clients interested in giving feedback about your products or services. Feedback from present customers is highly valuable. You can limit your customer service, make variations to the product that attracts more people, the list goes repeatedly.

2. You can make a strong bond with customers. Bonding is the method of developing a powerful relationship. When you make a bond with your customers by assisting them to achieve results before they expend money with you, you are developing a relationship of trust and authorization.

Customers will acknowledge your efforts and want to expend money with you, somebody who has assisted them, as an alternative of your competitors.

3. You are not holding up for them to come to you. Social media and other mediums reckon on people searching you. Email allows you to move and start an interaction with them at their home, business, etc.

4. People choose email over social media. Many studies over the years have depicted that people choose to do business with you through email over other methods.

Once you have created a powerful relationship with your customer list the odds of them doing business with you are far better than if you were to try using social media for instance.

5. Emails are personalized. Even using marketing automation to personalize every email you can link the gap making it personalized in real. For example, you deliver an email that says, “Hey John, are you still interested in our service?” When “John” replies, you can personally respond the email showing there is, in fact, an actual human being on the other end of the email. This develops people’s trust in you and your company.

Overall, the bulk email marketing solution will give you a partial benefit over those who are not making lists in your niche.

How Email Marketing Is A Successful Method To Boost Your Business

emailmarketingFor people who are looking to do everything correct over the web, email marketing has proved to be a successful and a very useful channel. In today’s condition when online market is the most circumstantial place for doing business, emailing campaigns are making waves. It is actually a powerful marketing tool that is used for bringing in new prospects whereas building customer trust. For people who are making their primary campaign, it is very significant to first know the process of marketing. There is definite set of rules which require to be followed in order to make a successful marketing campaign.

Primarily, you have to find what the probable methods to conduct your email marketing campaign are. After that, you are required to find out what are some best email marketing templates that can make your campaign truly appealing and a sure shot success. Marketing with the help of email is not only a successful, but one of the most economical channels of online marketing provided these days. If somebody is involved in making his online presence and generating business – email is waiting for you. As today lots of people are using the internet all over the world on a regular basis for their everyday requirement, whether it is information collection, service, shopping or anything else – online marketing is a must. If you are not having online presence, you cannot generate business. So, to make yourself famous on the web, you are required to select different online marketing channels, one of which is definitely email.

Are you new to email marketing companies and just getting started? Do you know the fundamentals of the game? Does your marketing campaign have some determinate targets and purposes? If not, then get it all in place primarily and then move forward. Just going directionless cannot provide you with any results. You have to make sure to get into the world of email.

Even if you need an email campaign for B2B or B2C, all campaigns must be tactical. So, give some time to your campaign and deliver them after a thorough research, and idea. Do not gamble with your campaign, it is a big peril! Select some of the best email marketing templates and make appealing emails so as to bring in the target audience. You should use out of the box ideas. Just going with the flow cannot serve you much. You should be little imaginative and innovative in your thoughts. Always keep in mind that client always need something different and valuable!

Things To Know When You Start Email Marketing

email marketingDo you want to start using email for any of your business venture? Possibly, if you are looking to improve your business online. It is one of the significant factors of online marketing. That’s why we cannot avoid it when starting online promotion. There are many people who do not have an adequate idea about these types of marketing. So, they feel awkward to begin such kinds of marketing to enhance the status of their businesses online. But, it is not a very difficult task for anybody.

So every business owner can take help of this method to do business promotion in a successful way. For this, you are required to know more about email marketing. Fundamentally, there are two or three things very significant in such type of marketing. Some of them are: list of email contacts, email templates, and e-mail sending platforms. These are very important factors of such type of marketing.

If you are new in the field of email marketing software, then you can take help of an email marketing software to do it. So, in this way you can make it simple and doable. There are various software available in the market, which may help you in creating newsletter. Some software are particularly designed for the aforesaid purposes so that you can use it often.

If anybody wants to start mass email marketing quickly, then they require some crucial things. Thus, you should be prepared with all the needed things like list of the email contacts, bulk emailing platforms, email templates, etc.

From the very initial point, you are required to gather the list of email contacts. If you do not have an email list, then you cannot do anything at all. So, first try to collect the list of email contacts where you will send your promotional offers. For this, you may follow different methods to gather the list of email contacts. If you have a website, then put sign up form there so people can fill in their email contacts. And, you can also verify the list through social media websites.

After doing that, you have to make a captivating email template. For this, you may use emailing software to plan your email template. So, if you are all set with this thing, then look for an email delivery platform. So, just have a look on the things discussed above to improve your business online.

Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Email Marketing Campaign

email-marketing-campaignIn the last few years, despite the bombardment of spam mail, junk or special promotions that our inboxes are flooded with on a regular basis, email marketing still takes up a significant place in your marketing mix and as such, should not be avoided when attempting to produce new business or up sell products to present as well as potential customers.

Email marketing can be used to communicate information about new services or products with your present customers, you can send an email related to press releases to concerned stakeholders and you can use it to launch new products to clients getting them to step onto the initial step of your sales channel.

There are many small businesses that favor the use of email marketing due to its low cost, historic ROI and expediency. However, this has come out with not only obstructing the inboxes of a large number of potential customers, but also all but a few emails are removed without being interpreted. It appears that email marketing has become the victim of its own accomplishment.

A current digital marketing research showed an average open rate of less than twenty percent of marketing emails. An open rate shows the number of people who really opened your email and came across it. If it does not open, it will not at all be interpreted and you would not get a chance to express your message to your intended audience.

There are three essential elements of an email marketing campaign that you have control over and can help you improve your open rate.

1. The ‘From’ name
Personalization of the ‘from’ field allows your email to grab the maximum possible attention from your targeted customers. Apart from just adding your company name in this area, add a few adjectives that indicate the reader what your organization do, which gives them a reason to open your email.

2. Subject line
When creating your subject line, make use of the marketing acronym AIDA, i.e., Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Your email subject line must be able to grab attention and increase the recipient’s interest to open your email.

You should keep your subject line short & precise, make your point as short as possible so that it actually grabs the attention of your recipients.

If you use an email marketing software, then it should allow you to customize your subject line. Using the name of the receiver almost doubles the chances of them opening your email.

You should also do some testing for a single email shot, attempting different subject lines will allow you to find out what works effectively and gives the best possible results.

3. Email timing
Your main aim should be to deliver your emails in the middle part of the day and if possible not on Mondays or Fridays. If you deliver your email in the early morning, it will come into view probably with hundreds of other emails and more than likely it will be removed. If you deliver it belatedly in the evening, most receivers will delete it in the hurry to leave the office.

So, these were some tips you must use for increasing the efficiency of your email marketing campaign. If you have some more tips, then you can leave us comments.


Email Marketing- A Method To Make Your Business Promotion Successful

emailmarketingMost of the organizations from all over the world are more and more inclining towards the World Wide Web after picking up its huge prospective for their business success. If you are also considering online marketing to improve your online existence, then internet marketing is almost incomplete without the addition of email marketing. The World Wide Web is the finest place to find out about different facades of this type of marketing and the service providers that excel in this industry segment.

Mostly, emails are delivered to market business products or services on a direct level to the clients, which also involves notifying customers about different insights, cross sell supplementary services and bestow them with discount codes. Email marketing campaign more frequently than not is untargeted to successful marketing campaigns. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a very small level of incorporation between mailing campaigns, lists and web portals.

The primary reason to use email marketing is the effectiveness of this approach and its capability of amalgamating email service tools with website and list. This might seem costly at first, but in the long run it will definitely make your hard earned money work for you. When it comes to mailing, you should also consider the power of email triggers when it comes down to getting new customers and producing leads.

What will put you apart from your nearest opponents is the method you send relevant information; this is mainly due to today’s advanced epochs call for immediate gratification to their diverse requirements. The ability to trim down the resources used for the promotion, will reduce the campaign’s cost considerably. If done the correct way, this type of marketing can place your company’s image on the mind of the end user in a way that will show the way to lower acquirement cost.

After getting well versed with the automated method of email marketing, it is high time you get in for the testing part of your  marketing campaign. The main aim should be how to request to the proclivities of the customers so that they are actually tempted to open the email and go through it. Better click through rates surely makes certain that your business ROI also enhances. The main benefits of bringing it into play are that it increases the website traffic and bring in new leads.

It also takes care of present clients and also keeps the end users rationalized on various services and products. Thus, the best email marketing service helps in marketing and increasing brand awareness of your business.