Advantages & Disadvantage of Using Email Campaign

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Email marketing is the best technique because it is the cheapest form of advertising as compared to traditional form of advertising and is suitable for every industry and since everything has its own advantages and disadvantages thus email marketing has its own pros and cons. Following are the advantages of email campaign:


Major advantage is email campaigns help you to reach the audience all over the world and that too in minutes and without incurring any extra cost.  This method of marketing is totally hassle-free as it requires only good writing skills in order to fascinate the audience.

Secondly you can keep track of your campaign 24/7 like open rate, click through rate, subscribed and unsubscribed rate as well. This tracking helps you to determine that your campaign is successful or not.  However if you are using the email service provider rather than free then it is more meaningful.

Thirdly you can also customize your advertisements according to the audience, like you can change the language according the geographical area, and can also make changes in design and content according to the likes and dislikes of people like teenagers, ladies, students, professionals, etc as  everyone have  different way  of living.

Fourth is, it helps you in building the lifelong relationships with your clients, which is not only helpful for short-term but for lifetime.

Fifth is, you can have direct interaction with the clients, you can also take their suggestion and tips and with the help of it you can also know the shortcomings that they are finding in your product and what are their expectations.

Sixth is whenever new product is added into your product chain, you can send them the newsletters.


The major disadvantage is if you are conducting email campaign hastily or carelessly then probably it can tear down your relationships with clients as well.

A second thing is email campaigns take time to gather impetus because you can’t get the immediate response ,may be it happens that few have not checked their mails and few have checked and read but didn’t find any interest in your mail so they don’t like to reply, hence your opt-in email list will also take time to grow.

Third disadvantage is sometimes your client can also delete your mail because considering it as spam, because spamming has changed the perception of people, it have become very difficult for people to differentiate between genuine mail and spam.

Fourth disadvantage is although with the help of email campaign, you can reach worldwide but only certain group of people can be targeted.

Fifth disadvantage is it takes little time to create customized campaign.

Sixth disadvantage is that as the recipients in your opt-in list increases, you have to encounter more and more problems.

Seventh disadvantage is that you have to purchase the list, and it may happen that vendor may cheat you and provide the obsolete data, thus you have to bear the loss.

Above mentioned are the major advantages and disadvantages of free email campaign. However best campaign is paid campaign, although you can run free campaign easily but you should do full research and study on internet in order to avoid the problems, and wastage of time and resources.


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